s360 & Usbl: How to boost loyalty and brand preference as a market challenger

With the help of s360, Usbl successfully grew its top-of-mind rate by 50% in its target audience while increasing brand preference to an all-time high.

The Challenge

Standing out in a competitive housing market

As a challenger in the market, Usbl grappled with distinguishing themselves amidst fierce competition. Despite several years of stability in brand awareness and preference, there was a growing aspiration to innovate and rejuvenate their approach. The primary hindrance? Potential clients were not adequately acquainted with the brand, and existing clients displayed a lack of brand loyalty.

Recognising the need for a digital-first approach given the budget constraints, Usbl partnered with s360 to devise an impactful digital marketing strategy.




Housing association

Increase in Top of mind growth
Increase in unaided familiarity
Increase in helpful familiarity
Increase in preference

The Solution

Crafting relatable digital content

Being confined to digital channels meant that the content created had to be compelling enough not only to capture but also to retain the attention of viewers. In response, s360 envisioned a series of four videos that seamlessly integrated Usbl’s services into common everyday scenarios. Using the ABCD framework as a foundation ensured that the content would resonate effectively with the target audience.

Humour was intricately woven into the videos to emphasise the ease of life with Usbl's services. This strategy aimed to bridge the gap between the brand and its (potential) customers, crafting a more personable and relatable image.

s360 took charge of the strategy formulation, storyboarding, and creative brief, among other components.

The output culminated in four distinct films:

  • Forkjøpsrett
  • Deling/Bua
  • Stige/Vedlikehold
  • På glattisen
“It has been a very exciting journey to strengthen the Usbl brand. A fun and creative process, and a painless collaboration with s360. The films play on humour, something that we as challengers manage to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.”
Hanne Bjerk, Marketing Manager Usbl

The Results

Achieving all-time high metrics with digital campaigns

The campaigns were very well received by the public and achieved a very low display cost and a high view rate.

During the campaign period, Usbl experienced significant growth in both familiarity and preference among the audience. Within 6 months, the brand’s top-of-mind rate increased by 50%, while unaided familiarity increased by 21%. Additionally, aided familiarity went from 43% to 46%, and the number of people who prefer Usbl over its competitors increased by 12.5%. 

In partnership with s360, Usbl achieved unparalleled success in all metrics since the inception of their brand trackers in 2015. In just 6 months of running the films, the pre and post-brand tracker evaluations from YouGov further corroborated these outstanding results:

  • Top of mind: Growth of 50% (All time high since Usbl started brand trackers in 2015)
  • Unaided familiarity Growth of 21% (All time high since Usbl started brand trackers in 2015)
  • Helpful familiarity Growth of 7% (All time high since Usbl started brand trackers in 2015)
  • Preference/Choice Growth of 12.5% ​​(All time high since Usbl started brand trackers in 2015)

Digital content for Usbl

Kaffe video


The Client


Usbl is Norway's second-largest housing association. 

They currently have over 117,000 members and manage 1,700 housing associations and condominiums throughout Eastern Norway.


Vidar Brotnov

Senior Manager, Client Strategy

[email protected] 


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