s360 & Creativ Company: Increasing profitability by 11% with s360’s Profit Bidding solution

How Creativ Company uses Paid Search to improve profitability in Germany

The challenge

Creating a profitable Paid Search setup for +20,000 products

The online arts and crafts shop Creativ Company offers more than +20,000 products across 46 countries, providing their customers with lots of options to choose from. However, handling that many products and ensuring a profitable Paid Search setup is a complex task. Creativ Company wanted our help designing a Paid Search setup for the German market that not only drove revenue but also improved profitability.


Creativ Company


Online Retailer

Increase in profitability (POAS)
Increase in revenue
Increase in profit

The Solution

Shifting to profit optimisation with s360’s Profit Bidding solution

Together with Creativ Company, we made an important strategic shift to focus on profit optimisation in their bidding approach - enabling Creativ Company to reinvest and scale their business in Germany. This was made possible by implementing s360’s proprietary Profit Bidding solution. The Profit Bidding solution integrates Creativ Company’s profit data (e.g. cost of goods sold, freight and handling costs, advertising costs) into Google’s Search Ads 360 and uses this information to make Paid Search bids that prioritise profit over revenue.
“s360 has helped us improve our profitability in the German market by building a Paid Search setup focusing on profit optimisation. By integrating our profit data into Search Ads 360 with s360’s Profit Bidding solution we are now able to understand which products drive profit and adjust our bidding based on these insights more effectively.”
Peter Rahbek, E-Com Director, at Creativ Company

The Results

New Paid Search setup increases profitability by 11% in 2 months

In less than 2 months after implementing s360’s Profit Bidding solution, the new Paid Search setup increased Creativ Company’s profitability by 11% - made possible through a 45% growth in profits over a 32% increase in advertising costs. The new Paid Search setup has not only unlocked profitable growth in the German market, but also piloted as a fully scalable solution, allowing for expansion into new markets. Creativ Company is now well-positioned to continue driving profitable growth.

The Client

Creativ Company

Creativ Company is a leading online retailer selling +20,000 hobby and craft materials to consumers, businesses, and institutions in more than 46 countries. The company was founded in 2000 and today it employs more than 350 passionate people across 8 European countries, making a creative and playful difference to our lives.


Jacob Midtgaard
Director & Team Lead, Paid Search
Phone: +45 71 99 10 21
[email protected] 


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