Customer insights

s360 & Camille Brinch Jewellery: Using TikTok to generate 8,865 purchase-ready leads in 18 days

TikTok strategy results in -42.2% reduction in cost per lead (vs target), +30% CTR (vs other channels), 11K+ leads generated across Denmark in 18 days.

Customer insights

s360 & Swappie: Accelerating the fastest-growing startup in Europe

Renewing to be the go-to place for all things iPhone.

Customer insights

s360 & Lomax: Winning Millions in Annual Profit Through Automation & Profit Bidding

A 100% scalable profit solution for new markets & products that can track profit across all channels.

Customer insights

s360 & Yousician: Improved content strategy beats the competition

A new content strategy based on SEO data supports Yousician as the leading platform to learn and play music.

Customer insights

s360 & HUNTERS’ POINT: Gaining +100% Annual Revenue Through Content

A proven SEO and Content strategy attracts new customers and drives organic revenue.

Customer insights

s360 & Kia: Capitalizing market share through brand building and performance

Kia increases its market share by 41.4%, focusing on building brand awareness and influencing consumers’ brand perception with always-on campaigns on social channels.

Customer insights

s360 & BAUHAUS: Using SEO data to understand consumer trends

s360 helped BAUHAUS improve its SEO efforts and Content Marketing strategy by using Google Trend data to predict peaks in specific search terms.

Featured insights

Topic Clusters: Why you should focus on topics instead of keywords

The future of search strategies should include topics instead of keywords. The industry has focused on keywords for many years, but this is shifting towards topics. This article shows how we work with topic clustering in our award-winning SEO cases.

Customer insights

Official Instagram Case: Weekday & s360

Weekday wanted to increase brand consideration in a selection of markets. s360 has led the process with Weekdays Paid Social team & Meta, including strategy, creative sessions & execution on social media.

Customer insights

s360 & POWER: Increased efficiency with Search Ads 360

POWER reduces manual processes and increases its total revenue by 15% by automating search ads

Customer insights

s360 & Flying Tiger Copenhagen: Omnichannel marketing accelerates the journey to become a leading global brand

s360 lifted Flying Tiger Copenhagen to be the leading omnichannel brand in its category with sales in both stores and the newly launched webshop.

Customer insights

s360 & MG Motor: Brand awareness uplift by 26.6% via a Paid Social strategy based on behavioral data

Through a focused effort on branding and collecting leads, s360 helped MG Motor Denmark on its way to a solid resurgence in the Danish market.

Customer insights

s360 & POWER: Using LIA and Local Campaigns integration to promote selected products locally

With LIA integration in Local Campaigns, POWER boosts local products in their online marketing.

Customer insights

YouTube campaign created visitor boost in ZOO

s360 caused the number of visits to both the website and the Copenhagen ZOO to increase steadily with targeted video sequences in new YouTube campaigns.

Customer insights

Strong SEO results for Allakando

s360 caused the number of organic visitors to increase steadily on Allakando’s website using a detailed overview of their content and keyword landscape.

Featured insights

Exclude internal traffic with IP filters in GA4

GA4 is an exciting new analytics platform with lots of new cool features (including free BigQuery export), but also some new ways to do familiar things like IP filters. This post will walk you through how to set up IP filters to exclude internal traffic in GA4.

Featured insights

Migration Handbook

This migration handbook can help you avoid potential pitfalls when relaunching your website.

Featured insights

COVID-19 impact on e-commerce in Denmark

This benchmark analysis shows how Danish e-commerce is affected by COVID-19

Customer insights

A strong content strategy caused the revenue to rise at Sinatur Hotel & Conference

s360 caused the organic visibility to six-fold with a new content strategy at Sinatur Hotel & Conference.

Customer insights

Driving business leads across 10 markets

How s360 & Easytranslate exceeded all initial goals in a highly competitive B2B vertical.

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