Data & Analytics

Whether you’re looking to predict revenue and profit, develop a dynamic budget model or implement strategies based on LTV, our data specialists can help you.

Data & Analytics

Use data to make smart decisions

What you get

Our Data and Analytics specialists grow bottom-line profitability. We analyse performance data, helping you find the right attribution solution and build Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Models. You get automated dashboards allowing you to make the right decisions at the right time.

How you benefit

Get data and insights that are easy to digest. We understand that making smart decisions depends on quality information. That is why we transform large data sets into actionable insights that help you make informed decisions and optimise what is working.

Why you need it

The combination of data, technology and digital marketing is the three drivers that form a trinity for digital growth. However, managing all three fields and making them work together can be challenging. We simplify that process by giving you the data and information needed to succeed.


Measurement & Attribution

Clean and reliable data is the foundation of performance marketing and business decision-making. We help clients implement tracking setups, conduct audits to ensure best-in-class hygiene and reliability, and build automated reports that deliver transparency.


Profit Bidding Solution

At s360, we have developed a 100% scalable profit solution for new markets & products that can track profit across all channels. Our Profit Bidding solution calculates each order’s total profit to allocate budgets to campaigns that drive the most profitable orders. This solution focuses on order-level profit tracking and a dynamic budget and bid allocation to drive higher profitability rather than just top-line revenue.

Profit Bidding Solution award won


European Search Awards 2022:


Incrementality Testing

Do you understand the true impact of your marketing campaigns? It is difficult to fully grasp the big picture and understand all data sources related to your campaigns. At ss360, we do incrementality testing that shows you the true value of your marketing efforts.

Simply put, we are performing specific A/B tests to reveal what works and what doesn’t to give you insights that enable you to make informed decisions.


Customer Data Platforms

Mature marketers can not only track customer journeys but also link all data sources, online and offline, to build a complete customer picture. We work with clients on integrating 1st and 3rd party data and create bespoke Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) that allow you to have full transparency into customer data.

“Working with s360 has been a great business experience. The team is knowledgeable and committed to reaching our business goals. With s360, we have been able to get incredible and valuable insights into how our top and lower funnel marketing channels perform on both revenue and profit, thus, based on customer and channel data, we can focus our teams’ efforts on what we know create business results.

We have been able to switch from ROAS to POAS, which has improved our profitability significantly. In addition to that, we know which products drive sales and have a unique knowledge of price points per SKU, the market potential and our competitors. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend s360 at any time.”

- Michael Ravnsbæk, Head of Ecommerce and digital marketing, Lomax A/S

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Data & Analytics


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