Digital Growth

Build and scale your digital future through technology, data and digital marketing. We bring the capabilities needed to help you grow and thrive in the digital world.

Digital growth

Grow and thrive in the digital world.

What you get

We provide insights based on bespoke digital tools for you to make informed decisions that grow your business. Together, we derive the strategic direction, embed new digital tools and accelerate your digitalization.

How you benefit

Working together means adding new competencies and capabilities to your business. We value true relationships, getting the feeling of becoming one strong unity.

Why you need it

You need the right insights, technologies and data to grow and thrive in the digital world. It is as simple as that.


Demand-driven Pricing

Consistent inflation and increased post-covid eCommerce competition have placed Pricing at the top of the agenda for Nordic companies.

We deliver profitable growth with pricing by utilising search volume and competitors’ pricing history for both omnichannel and pure players. With +10 years of eCommerce experience, we bring battle tested value proof and embedment into current ways of working.


Data-driven Assortment Expansion

Have you ever wondered which products and brands outside your portfolio can contribute to growth? Or which you can be without lowering your OPEX?

We use search behaviour to detect your new volume drivers for product portfolio expansion and triple check product portfolio reduction, delivering data driven growth opportunities with portfolio optimization.


Competitive Benchmarking

Performance across industries is under pressure. We provide intel on whether you are performing above or below the industry, category and your direct peers.

In addition, we derive growth hypotheses based on your competitive strengths and areas for development across elements such as; marketing investment, marketing allocation, digital marketing performance (e.g., revenue, sessions, conversion rate, AOV), brand demand, assortment, pricing, user experiences, membership, and tech.


International Growth

With a successful Nordic eCommerce webshop, a natural growth step is an international expansion. We have a battle tested approach and unique dashboard access to support your international expansion across all stages from Opportunity Identification - Market Assessment - Operational Planning - Customer Acquisition.


Predicted Customer Lifetime Value

Do you know the repurchase value from your acquired customers, and do you use that insight to allocate your marketing investments profitably? With Predicted Customer Lifetime Value, we use machine learning to create powerful predictive data models that lead to long-term revenue gains.

When you can see how much revenue a customer can generate during their lifetime, you can reallocate your resources and efforts to see a more significant profit and build a long and positive relationship with your customers.


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