Media Strategy

We develop and deliver digital strategies providing innovative and data-driven services to help achieve your digital objectives.

Media Strategy

Stick to a plan and succeed

What you get

True marketing driven performance marketing that moves you away from misleading media KPIs. A plan of actions to stand out from the crowd, build an audience of active and informed prospects and be the thought leader in your industry.

How you benefit

With the evolution of media, it can be hard to know which media is the right one(s) for your business. At s360, we use data insights to get the knowledge needed to know which media is the most effective and how you should operate on them.

Why you need it

In short, a media strategy is basically the core of advertising, where all elements of your ad campaign converge and integrate. Get this right, and you have the foundation to grow your performance marketing at scale and reach the goals set for your business.


Media Planning

Today, new media is popping up rapidly. Thus, having a media plan that sources and selects the optimal media platforms for your marketing campaigns are vital. To put it simply, media planning is important to determine the best combination of media to reach your marketing objectives. 

However, the media themselves can’t do it alone. Timing is equally important. Therefore, a good media plan also guides you on how, when, where and why to share your promotional assets. Additionally, it can help you to draw up your ad budget and track spending. 


Campaign Planning

Whether you’re striving to build brand awareness, generate leads or increase your sales, a campaign plan is essential to get the most out of your digital marketing investments.

At s360, we have 10+ years experience developing campaign plans from one channel to multi channel strategies across industries and audiences. We do know a thing or two.  


Marketing Mix Modelling

Do you measure past marketing performance so you can use it to improve future performance? To run successful digital marketing campaigns, knowing what works and what doesn’t is critical to improving your efforts and thus getting the most out of your investment. At s360, we use statistical analysis to understand or optimise strategies and performance.  

In close collaboration with you, our client strategist aligns on a strategy based on models, methods and best practices. Led by technology and data, we develop successful digital marketing strategies for clients across industries.


KPI Frameworks

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measures the result we are looking for, giving you ongoing indicators if performance is on track while your campaigns are running. It makes sense to have campaign KPIs. However, the hard part is actually knowing which metrics are the right ones to follow.  

At s360, we help you create a meaningful KPI framework and measurement plan to avoid any fallback or missed opportunities.


Strategic Roadmaps

A strategic roadmap allows you to determine which types of projects must be executed to reach your business goals. It is a great way to structure communication and alignment around your overall strategy, helping you visualise the activities supporting the overall objectives. It can help you bridge the gap between vision and actions, giving you a visual way to execute your strategy. 

At s360, we help execute and irritate the process by testing, learning and adapting. 

“The performance from TikTok blew me away right from the start. After getting more than 11,000 leads from TikTok, we’re seeing the average order value and conversion rate from these matching the value seen from more established social media platforms – but we’re only paying half the price on TikTok. We’re also seeing much higher engagement rates on our ads compared to other platforms. TikTok has for sure been our ‘little secret’ at Camille Brinch for a while now.“
- Daniel Brinch, CEO, Camille Brinch Jewellery

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Media Strategy


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