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Would you like to be part of an ambitious, data-driven performance marketing agency? Are you intrigued to know more about technology, data and digital marketing? Then an internship at s360 is the right path for you.

Internship at s360

A 360° internship experience

Why you should join us

An internship at s360 can quickly boost your career, knowledge and experience. It will strengthen your CV and give you a detailed picture of business challenges from the real world.

How we help you grow

During your internship, you will gain new industry knowledge and hands-on experience in digital marketing, technology and data. We will help you and challenge you to ensure a steep learning curve.

What we offer to interns

As an Intern, you will be part of a team of specialists within your area of interest: Paid Search, Paid Social, Creative Performance, Data Intelligence, Measurement & Attribution, UX & CRO, SEO, Content, and more.


Where would you like to work?

Intern benefits

With s360 you get

Good career opportunities

An internship at s360 prepares you to work with the most important digital marketing disciplines. You will be given responsibility from the start, which will grow in line with your development, so the steepness of your learning curve is up to you.

A mentorship program

We believe that knowledge sharing is a key factor in your personal and professional development. That's why you will get brainstorming sessions with mentors and specialists and access to your colleagues' extensive experience and knowledge.

Social events with team and office

Are you up for a Friday bar? A board game night? Are you into running, knitting, gardening, or something completely different? Well, you’re in luck! During your internship, we will arrange different social activities, so you can get to know your colleagues.

A trip to one of our offices

To strengthen our bonds across teams and offices, you will get to participate in a trip to the Copenhagen or Aarhus office. This will also give you a better understanding of s360 as a dynamic workplace across borders.

A strong professional network

Throughout your internship at s360, you will participate in all aspects of our business to get the tools and learn what it is like working in a Performance Marketing Agency.

Inspiring environments

At s360, we are fortunate to have beautiful work environments that inspire our Interns. Our offices are spacious, nurture creativity, and provide facilities that help you succeed as an employee. Furthermore, you will have free access to our lunch arrangement, fruit and coffee or tea.

Meet the Interns

Here's our young talents from fall 2022

Want to join our team of Interns? Reach out to our People & Culture team

Cecillie Meilby Lyngstrand
Talent Acquisition Specialist
[email protected]

Employee interview

Meet one of our specialists


Anders Lindstrøm
Director, Client Strategy

[email protected]

Being an Intern

What an internship at s360 means for you

An internship at s360 means you will be challenged in exciting and meaningful ways. Exciting as you will discover a whole new world of knowledge, expertise and passion for your field, and meaningful as you can mold yourself and build significant relationships for your future. s360 enables you to create fundamental building blocks in an inspirational learning environment to further your education and career. 

An internship at s360 can quickly boost your career, knowledge and experience. It will both strengthen your CV and give you a detailed picture of issues from the real world.

Mentorship program

Helping you thrive

At s360, we care about making all of our Interns feel welcome and secure. We know that going from school into the corporate world can be a big change, so we have developed our Mentorship program to ensure that you are guided and supported in the best way possible. Throughout your internship, our mentors will help you navigate everything from social events to brainstorming scholarly cases through the s360-lens. 


Internal Intern Channel

What time was lunch? Where is this meeting room? Does anyone want to do something after work? 

Having a safe communication space gives you a valuable support system where you can talk and get to know your fellow interns. 

Intern check-ins

"Those that know do, those that understand teach.” — Aristotle.

We know from experience that the best way to understand a subject is to teach it to others. That’s why we organise Intern Check-ins, where Interns from different teams each get a turn to describe their field to their fellow Interns. 

Knowing all aspects of Performance Marketing is essential to understanding the value it creates for customers while also giving you an all-around comprehension of s360. 


Assignment brainstorming

Working with tasks and learning the ropes of Performance Marketing is essential, but Interns are, first and foremost, students. Therefore, we provide the opportunity to ask questions and brainstorm assignments with mentors, who themselves started out as Interns at s360. 

This allows Interns to structure their data collection and gives them the means to reach out to specialists, who can support them. 

Intern Testimonials

What our Interns say

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s360 is an award-winning performance marketing agency with +250 dedicated employees across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands. Based on digital marketing, tech and data, we help national and international companies to develop and execute visionary, measurable and data-driven digital strategies. Our customers are ambitious companies across more than 40 different markets.


As an intern, you will be part of our team of specialists at our office in Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden. The duration of the internship will be four months.


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