s360 & NextEnergy: From 500 to 31k Non-branded clicks within six months

With the right SEO and content strategy, s360 helped NextEnergy, as a new player in the competitive Dutch energy market, with creating online visibility and organic growth.

The Challenge

Online visibility and organic growth for a new player in the market

NextEnergy is a new player in the Dutch energy market since 2022. To ensure more online visibility and, ultimately, organic growth, they were looking for assistance. NextEnergy partnered with s360, which led to six plans:
  • Potential keyword analysis.
  • Content gap based on market insights.
  • Create a content production process, including feedback rounds.
  • Research for product expansion.
  • Technical SEO improvements
  • Qualitative advertorial buy-in




Energy Market

Non-brand click increase
Extra organic clicks
Non-brand impression increase
Extra organic impressions

The Solution

We built a SEO and content strategy for a new website

s360 built an SEO and content strategy to create online visibility in the search results. s360 conducted a full potential keyword analysis, using its proprietary tooling, to identify relevant keywords that provide a competitive advantage in the industry. Which was followed up by high-quality briefing and writing of the new, interesting and relevant content.

The strategy involved extensive keyword research, including competitor rankings, relevant and potential keywords, and research for product expansion. s360 utilised its AI-powered Python scripts to analyse the data, integrating insights from Google Analytics, trend data, and content auditing data. This amalgamation of artificial intelligence and analytics facilitated the generation of a comprehensive content map.

With all the keyword data collected, the keywords could be sorted through, finding out which should be grouped based on search intention. Groups were matched with new URLs to create a content plan. Together with NextEnergy, s360 looked at which new pages had the highest priority to produce content for first.

With the collected data, s360 created structured content briefs so NextEnergy could start writing content. s360 also helped with content writing to speed up production for faster organic visibility and growth results.

“Since working with s360 we have seen our organic performance accelerate and surpass our already ambitious expectations. Organic search has become very important pillar of growth in our marketing strategy and continues to be in the upcoming period”

Aron Disco, CMO, NextEnergy

The Results

Increasing organic visibility by 6.120% in six months

The SEO and content strategy resulted in an impressive 6,120% increase in organic visibility in six months. In addition, the non-branded impressions, the search results without the brand name, increased by 228% in six months. Also, NextEnergy succeeds in increasing the organic conversions from 0 to 850 in those six months. The conversion rate went up from 0 to 1.15%.

These results show that even when you are a new player in the market, the right relevant keywords and content can result in a great amount of organic visibility and conversions in less than a year.

KPIs - Last six months compared with the six months before
  • Organic visibility from 500 non-branded clicks to 31,100 non-branded clicks
    • Non-branded clicks increased by 6,120%
  • Non-branded impressions increased by 228%
    • 374,000 non-branded impressions to 1,230,000 non-branded impressions
  • Organic conversions went from 0 to 850
  • The conversion rate is up 1.15%
    • Organic conversion percentage from 0 to 1.15%
Time frame: September 2023 to February 2024.

The Client


NextEnergy is a progressive Dutch energy company founded in 2022 by Gijs Wubbe and Frederik op de Beeck. Customers can purchase both electricity and gas for dynamic prices at the company. To ensure smart and economical use, NextEnergy also offers an app, charging stations and home batteries. With this, the company ensures that the energy grid remains balanced to accelerate the energy transition.


Arnd van der Meer
Managing Director, s360 Netherlands
[email protected]


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