s360 & Lomax: Increasing conversion rate 22%, meaning +19.1m DKK additional revenue

How Lomax mastered the art of conversion supported by s360

The challenge

Laying the groundwork for growth: Establishing processes for website optimisation

In a dynamic digital marketplace, our client was navigating with a blindfold when it came to changes to its website. It was more driven by gut feeling than data-based insights. Without a systematic approach to website optimisation and managing risk from changes with potentially adverse effects to its business, the team would make rollouts in the dark, unclear of the positive or negative impact on the website.




B2B Ecommerce

increase in e-commerce conversion rate
estimated revenue
In losses prevented

The Solution

From Intuition to Insight: Empowering data-driven decisions

To guide the client from intuition-based decisions to a structured, data-driven future, we set in motion a complete revolution of its website optimisation processes. First of all, the approach was set with a clear empirical framework for decision-making, using deep research across different sources of insight followed by focused A/B testing to understand the impact of every change on the site.   

s360 experts worked closely with the newly formed CRO team towards intensive upskilling to ensure that the client's in-house capabilities improved for sustainable success.

The Results

Adding an estimated +19.1m DKK to the topline

After fully embracing s360's CRO frameworks and way-of-working, we scaled from 0-10 monthly experiments inside of 10 months. Within this period, there was a 22% increase in e-commerce conversion rates, directly reflecting the effectiveness of the work done. Moreover, the strategic changes prevented over 17,500,000 DKK in potential losses from less effective alterations, showcasing the financial impact of informed decisionmaking.

This transformation not only unlocked the client's growth potential but also set a new standard for operational excellence in its digital endeavors across its online experience.  

Industry recognition Dansk e-handelsprisen
  • B2B-companies with online revenue above 200 million DKK in 2024 (Top 10 in Denmark)

The Client


Lomax is a Danish company founded in 1962. It is a comprehensive supplier for the Danish business sector, happily providing everything a company needs. It offers a wide range of office supplies, electronics, office furniture, warehouse equipment, and household items. With more than 35,000 different products in its webshop, there is a unique opportunity for companies to purchase everything in one place. With its extensive assortment for businesses and private individuals, Lomax can supply all upcoming office furnishings.


Klaus Wrensted Jensen
Director & Head of UX & CRO
Phone: +45 71 99 10 70
[email protected]


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