s360 & Donald Duck & Co - Quack-tastic Story Ads with a 34% story completion rate

In an era with endless opportunities for entertainment, the beloved Donald Duck & Co comic magazine was challenged. In collaboration with s360, Donald Duck & Co revamped its creatives and introduced animations in interactive Story Ads, which immediately soared to 37,500 story openings.

The Challenge

Making classic entertainment stand out

The opportunities for entertainment are endless, and Donald Duck & Co was challenged by a highly competitive market. Even though the stories are beloved by many, the client wished to reignite the joy of reading Donald Duck & Co books and magazines.

The brand partnered with s360 to breathe new life into how readers perceive Donald Duck & Co magazines. The wish was to increase brand awareness, ensure the ability to captivate the audiences’ attention,  and finally, remind people of just how much fun it is to read Donald Duck & Co.


Donald Duck & Co



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The Solution

Encouraging reader engagement through interactive Story Ads

To captivate the readers’ attention, s360 rethought the client’s creatives. The Creative Performance team revamped the creatives by transforming the classic, beloved single comic magazine into animations that invite the reader to engage. The comic strips were sliced into smaller sections, where the reader unravels the comic strip bit by bit with each click on the story. The animated creatives appeal directly to the reader’s curiosity and nostalgia, and by making the Story Ads interactive, it encourages the reader to engage with the ads by means of curiosity.

“The core message we desire to associate with Donald Duck & Co is the joy of reading. In collaboration with s360 and Hans Fredrik, they showed great initiative and understanding of the essence of Donald Duck & Co. Their initiative and production of a great concept, with a seamless execution, strengthened our brand and supported our conversion ads on other platforms.”

Solfrid Marie Crowo, Digital Marketer, Donald Duck & Co

The Results

Donald Duck & Co’s Snapchat Story Ad achieves 34% story completion

The introduction of the interactive Story Ad has resulted in remarkable improvements. After three months, 37,500 had not only engaged with the Story Ad, but also opened and actively interacted with the story. This equals a 1.4% Story Open Rate, which means that the Story Open Rate has more than doubled since the creatives were revamped. Additionally, Donald Duck & Co achieved full attention from 34.72% of the readers, meaning that 13,000 readers completed the story while decreasing Cost per Story Opening to 0.35 NOK.

The Client

Donald Duck & Co

Donald Duck & Co has spread joy for more than 70 years. Every week, readers are brought to Duckburg, when they read the Donald Duck & Co books and magazines, and with more than 150 publications each year Donald Duck & Co reaches audiences across several age groups. https://donald.no/



Hans Fredrik Dahlen
Specialist, Creative Performance
+ 47 41 25 46 28
[email protected]


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