s360 & HusCompagniet: Transforming Real Estate Marketing with the AI tool Smartly

Leveraging advanced generative AI technology to enhance the efficiency of marketing efforts significantly.

The Challenge

Advancing Performance through Dynamic Implementation

HusCompagniet faced challenges in its marketing performance. High CPC and low CTR especially challenged the optimal performance of Huscompagniet’s Paid Social strategy. The wish was to reduce costs and increase engagement on Paid Social channels, and HusCompagniet requested a dynamic approach to its marketing setup.





Increase in CTR
Reduction in CPC
Reduction in CPM

The Solution

Optimising Marketing Efficiency through Innovative Strategies

In collaboration with Smartly, one of the world’s largest SaaS digital advertising platforms, s360 custom-built a Real Estate XML feed tailored to HusCompagniet's needs. Smartly is a generative AI tool that can automate the production of creatives across platforms while easily localising and personalising these to match specific audiences. Based on the tailored Real Estate XML feed, s360 used Smartly to create a solution that differentiated between ‘display homes’ and ‘homes for sales’, which enabled precise and effective marketing.

"Working alongside s360 as our trusted agency partner and leveraging the innovative solutions provided by Smartly.io, we at HusCompagniet are incredibly satisfied with the outstanding results achieved through our collaborative efforts. The remarkable improvements in click-through rate, cost per click, and cost per impression speak volumes about the effectiveness of this partnership. These achievements signify a significant advancement in our marketing strategies, and we eagerly anticipate further successes as we continue to work closely together."

Lasse Jakobsen, Digital Marketing Manager, HusCompagniet

The Results

Dynamic Strategy Elevates Marketing Performance Metrics

HusCompagniet experienced notable improvements after implementing Smartly in its paid social strategy. By strategically applying our tailored Real Estate XML feed, Huscompagniet achieved a substantial 45% increase in CTR while reducing CPC by 40%. Additionally, the new, effective creative strategy decreased CPM by 13% and significantly lowered the number of hours spent on the production of creatives.   

These results underscore the efficacy of a seamless fusion of effective marketing strategies and cutting-edge technology, proving that innovative solutions can take results to new heights.

The Client


HusCompagniet is Denmark's leading provider of single-family detached houses and offers a complete customer journey from the initial inspiration and design meetings until final sale and delivery. Additionally, HusCompagniet caters to professional investors with semi-detached houses, operating an asset-light business model by outsourcing construction to sub-contractors, which allows for flexible cost management.


Frederik Krarup Ladefoged
Senior Specialist, Paid Social 
[email protected]


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