On-demand webinar: Optimizing your website for Local Search

Learn how to understand, leverage and expand local SEO efforts
May 31, 2022
Est. 1 minute

Optimizing your website for Local Search

In this s360 Insight Session Glenn and Nikolaj will show you how to leverage more visibility and value by optimising your local presence. Especially important is Google My Business Optimisation, and you will be shown how to optimise this platform.

Glenn will show us how a third-party platform like Uberall can help you expand your local reach by administrating and optimising your local listing on several platforms (Foursquare, Apple, Google etc.) from one place and why this is important.


  1. Why local visibility matters
  2. Optimising Google My Business
  3. The process
  4. Winning customer trust and loyalty efficiently
  5. How Centrally Managing Your Listings Saves Time
  6. How Listings Automation Increases Performance
  7. The ROI of Listings & Review Management
  8. How You Can Measure the Current State of Your Local Marketing Efforts With Near Me 360

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