On-demand webinar: Get +100 learnings from website migrations

Are you going to migrate your website? Get SEO, CRO & Tracking learnings from +100 migrations
March 4, 2022
Est. 1 minute

Get +100 learnings from website migrations

Mistakes in site migrations can lead to huge drops in performance or wrong data.

In this session, Klaus & Nikolaj will show us what typically goes wrong and what best practice looks like.

You will first see different migration stories and how website migrations impacted Organic Search performance or tracking in other cases.

Then Klaus & Nikolaj will take you through the best practice of Site Migrations and show the s360 migration framework timeline.


  1. Pitfalls of migration
  2. Migration stories
  3. Getting SEO & redirects right
  4. Getting tracking right
  5. Getting CRO right
  6. The s360 migration framework

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Are you going to migrate your website?

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