Reddit's Rise in Google: A New Era for Content

Reddit has increased over 400% in its visibility in Google and with the recent Google-Reddit partnership this heralds a transformative era in search visibility. This shift challenges digital marketers to adapt, ensuring diverse, engaging online strategies that harness the power of community-driven insights to thrive in an evolving digital landscape.
May 23, 2024
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Reddit's Rise in Google: A New Era for Content

In an era where digital landscapes evolve in the blink of an eye, the recent collaboration between Google and Reddit marks a notable shift, redefining how content surfaces on the world's most prominent search engine. This partnership has sparked discussions across digital marketing. As a performance marketing agency committed to integrity, improvement, and grounded expertise, we delve into this development to shed light on its implications for marketers, content creators, and users alike.

The Partnership Explained

At the heart of this collaboration is a shared vision to enhance the accessibility and visibility of Reddit's vast human conversations and experiences repository. By recognising the unique value of Reddit's content, Google has forged a cloud partnership enabling the integration of new AI-powered capabilities via Vertex AI. This strategic move amplifies Reddit's role in the digital ecosystem and paves the way for more content-forward displays of information across Google products.

Rajan Patel, Vice President at Google, eloquently highlights the synergy behind this alliance:

"Over the years, we’ve seen that people increasingly use Google to search for helpful content on Reddit to find product recommendations, travel advice and much more. We know people find this information useful, so we’re developing ways to make it even easier to access across Google products. This partnership will facilitate more content-forward displays of Reddit information that will make our products more helpful for our users and make it easier to participate in Reddit communities and conversations."

The financial contours of this partnership are reportedly worth $60 million annually for Reddit. This substantial investment underscores the mutual benefits envisaged by both parties. On one side, Google gains real-time, structured access to Reddit's dynamic content, enhancing search functionalities and content relevance. On the other side, Reddit benefits from Google's AI expertise. This symbiotic relationship signifies a leap forward in making rich, community-driven content more accessible and engaging in Google.

Reddit has increased over 400% since July 2023

Reddit has seen a staggering 400% surge in visibility for Reddit content on Google. This escalation spotlights Reddit as a prime source of diverse and authentic discussions.


A development that can be seen across all markets including Europe and northern Europe. This is also backed up by the latest numbers from Reddit, as their user base is increasing in Q3 and Q4 2023 in both US and the Rest of World.



It raises questions about the balance of search results, particularly the overshadowing of independent websites by Reddit's sprawling discussions. Industry voices express concern over this shift, highlighting the irony of articles discussing the challenges of ranking on Google being themselves outranked by Reddit threads. Google's Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, acknowledges these concerns, hinting at future efforts to diversify search results to represent both large and small publications fairly.

The digital marketing community's response to the Google-Reddit deal is mixed. The partnership's potential to reshape content discovery and engagement is undeniable, yet Reddit's surge in search results has ignited a debate over the fairness and diversity of online visibility.

Critics point to the proliferation of spam on Reddit and its impact on search quality, arguing that despite these issues, Google's promotion of Reddit content could compromise the authenticity and relevance of search outcomes.

Still, we see more and more searches where Reddit is simply added to the search query to find direct answers to problems in Reddit rather than on Google. More than 90% of Reddit searches are for ‘something + reddit’ showing that users are searching for problems and then adding Reddit to find the answer on Reddit. 


Enhancing Content Strategy with Reddit

For marketers and content creators, the evolving Google-Reddit landscape offers opportunities to enhance content strategies. Leveraging Reddit's diverse discussions can significantly improve a content's E-E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, and Experience/Helpful content), aligning with Google's emphasis on quality and relevance.

Analysing and including Reddit into Content Maps and strategies opens up a new influx of ideas and inputs. Traditionally, we have always been looking at search volumes on keywords, but the change allows us to focus more on topics and questions rather than keywords in our planning. 



By tapping into the expertise and authenticity of Reddit's communities, marketers can enrich their content with real-world insights and user-generated content, fostering a more engaging and trustworthy user experience. 

Future Implications

As we stand at the cusp of this transformative partnership, the implications of SEO and content marketing are profound. They are integrating AI and prioritising community-driven content to signal a shift towards more dynamic, authentic, and user-focused search experiences. Marketers and content creators must adapt to this changing landscape, embracing new strategies that leverage the power of platforms like Reddit to deliver content that resonates with users and meets their informational needs.


The Google-Reddit partnership is more than a mere collaboration; it's a harbinger of the future of search and content discovery. As we navigate this new chapter, our commitment to being to the point, eager to improve, and acting with integrity will guide us in leveraging these changes to enhance our content strategies and deliver value to our audience. The road ahead is exciting and challenging, and as always, we are ready to embrace the journey, grounded in our values and focused on the horizon.

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