s360 & BAUHAUS: Using SEO data to understand consumer trends

How to improve SEO efforts and Content Marketing strategy by using Google Trend data to predict peaks in specific search terms.

The Challenge

Understanding consumer trend is key to creating relevant content

BAUHAUS wanted to create a digital content universe that could inspire and educate their target audiences of DIY people as the primary audience and people buying building materials as the secondary audience.

However, BAUHAUS needed insights into when their audience was receptive to inspiration and what topics they found inspiring. In short, BAUHAUS needed help to understand consumer trends. 




Building materials

growth in organic traffic
lift in organic visibility
increase in revenue
new visitors to BAUHAUS

The Solution

Creating inspirational and guiding content based on SEO data

s360 integrated Google Trend data in the Content Marketing strategy to know what content to create and when to distribute it based on SEO insights related to which and when certain keywords spike in search. Additionally, s360 relied on a topic clustering strategy to pursue ownership of topics related to BAUHAUS.

s360 strengthened the focus on the two target groups by creating an environment on the BAUHAUS platform with a primary focus on inspirational and guiding content based on insights from Google Trend data, while a secondary focus was to include the commercial pages as cluster content to ensure the traffic also leads to transactions.

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“We have been thrilled with the collaboration with s360 and the content strategy we have developed. s360 has provided valuable insights on user-demands, intentions, and trend-timings, which has been invaluable in prioritizing our content efforts. Based on data, s360 has provided high-quality content in the newest strategies which have elevated our organic performance.“

- Michael Bjerremann Larsen, Online Team Coordinator & Specialist, BAUHAUS

The Results

SEO data fuels content creation and boost organic performance

BAUHAUS’ new data-driven SEO and Content Marketing strategy results in 600 % traffic growth within inspirational content. Today, BAUHAUS owns multiple subject areas in the market, focusing on quality content in Topic Clusters rather than mass-production.

The overall performance reaches new heights with e.g. 60 % lift in organic visibility, 20 % increase in revenue and 4M new website visitors.

Watch webinar: How BAUHAUS won European Best Use of Data by using Topic Clustering, Python & Trend data

Industry recognition

European Search Awards 2021:

  • Best Use of Data (Winner)
  • Best Use of Search Retail (Shortlisted)
  • Best Use of Search B2C (Shortlisted)
  • Best SEO Campaign (Shortlisted)

Global Search Awards 2021:

  • Best Global SEO Campaign (Shortlisted)
  • Best Use of Data (Shortlisted)

European Content Awards 2021:

  • B2C Content Campaign (Shortlisted)

The Client


BAUHAUS is a German retail chain offering products for home improvement, gardening, and workshops. BAUHAUS is one of the largest retail chains with more than 300 stores and franchises across 19 European countries.

BAUHAUS sells both B2B and B2C and offers all products related to houses and gardens in one place.

www.bauhaus.dk Contact

Stefan Pedersen, Lead Specialist, SEO

[email protected]


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