On-demand webinar: How BAUHAUS won European Best Use of Data by using Topic Clustering, Python & Trend data

Get inspired by the BAUHAUS case, and learn why you should focus on topics instead of keywords
December 8, 2021
Est. 1 minute

How a topic cluster strategy can help you drive value with top-funnel content

In this s360 Insight Session, Stefan and Nikolaj will take us through Topic Clustering strategies. By showing the strategy behind how topic clusters can help you drive value with top-funnel content, you will get inspiration and insights into why you should apply a similar strategy to your company.

The foundation is the Topic Clustering strategy applied by Bauhaus, which resulted in +600% growth within inspirational content. A case that won European Search Awards, Best use of data. Stefan will take us through what was done in this case and why Topic Clustering is such an effective strategy.


  • s360 Approach
  • Topic Clustering and how clusters can make you win
    • The BAUHAUS SEO & Content marketing strategy
    • Integrating Google Trend Data in Content Planning
  • Growing 600% within inspirational content
  • Data Driven SEO Strategy

At s360, we have vast experience creating and implementing topic clusters and have won several awards for our work, incl. “ROI Content Campaign of the Year” at the European Content Awards 2022 and “Best Use Of Data”, "Best Use of Search - Retail/eCommerce (SEO)" and "Best SEO Campaign" at the European Search Awards 2021.

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