s360 & Kia: Capitalizing market share through brand building and performance

Kia increases its market share by 41.4%, focusing on building brand awareness and influencing consumers’ brand perception with always-on campaigns on social channels.

The Challenge

Decrease in online conversions due to iOS14

Kia wanted to improve brand awareness as a key driver for raising the number of online test-drives bookings leading to more cars sold. However, like many other companies, Kia experienced a decrease in online conversion with the arrival of iOS14, which had a huge impact on pixel audiences on Facebook.


Kia Motors



Increase in conversions
Increase in test bookings
Increase in market share
Increase in brand preference

The Solution

Always-on campaigns ensure continuous reach

s360 suggested a solution that reduces friction from click to conversion while gathering as much data and knowledge as possible without pixels. This allows s360 to get essential Kia insights on how to successfully build a brand awareness campaign that supports the movement of changing consumers’ perceptions of the Kia brand. Brand studies from Meta and Voxmeter validated how the campaigns influenced brand perception and preference.

s360 implemented a strategy focusing on a continuous reach using high attention objectives with an always-on campaign framework on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The Kia story “Movement that inspires” builds the foundation to increase attractions across inventory, having all visual elements centralised around the car models that reflect the new direction of Kia with the coolest technology and design. The key to persuading the consumers was visualising the latest products, features and design.

“The campaign executed in partnership with s360 and us from Kia has shown how we can change our brand perception, capitalizing market share through a groundbreaking way of driving a campaign with the newest technology and state of the art tech stack brought into beautiful play with creatives. This campaign was probably one of our best-executed campaigns that will lay the foundation for our future use of digital paid media!”
– Kenneth Steel, Marketing Director, Kia Denmark.

The Results

Positive brand reputation results in more test bookings and more cars sold

The new strategy moving from campaign bursts to an always-on framework raised Kia’s online conversions significantly. s360 integrated an in-platform solution to minimise friction in the test drive bookings.

The less friction experience resulted in a 27% uplift in conversions and a 270% increase in test drive booking YoY. Besides, Kia grew its market share by 41.4% while getting a 26% uplift in brand preference. With that, Kia positively influenced its consumers’ perception of the Kia-brand, resulting in more cars sold.

Industry recognition

Google Premier Partner Awards 2022:
  • Brand Awareness (shortlisted)
Rambukken 2022:
  • Effect - Media budget above 1 mio. DKK (shortlisted)
UK Paid Media Awards 2022:
  • Paid Media Agency Led Campaign of the Year (shortlisted)
  • Paid Social Campaign of the Year (shortlisted)
  • Best Integrated Paid Media Campaign (shortlisted)
  • Best Use of Facebook / Instagram Ads (shortlisted)
  • Best Use of Data (shortlisted)
  • Best Use of Automation (shortlisted)
European Paid Media Awards 2022:
  • Paid Media Agency Led Campaign of the Year (winner)
  • Display Campaign of the Year (winner)
  • Best Integrated Paid Media Campaign (winner)
  • Best Use of Automation (silver)
  • Paid Social Campaign of the Year (shortlisted)
  • Best Use of Facebook / Instagram Ads (shortlisted)
  • Best Use of SnapChat Ads (shortlisted)
  • Best Use of Video (shortlisted)
  • Best Use of Data (shortlisted)
European Search Awards 2021
  • Best Use of Search - Automotive (shortlisted)
Global Search Awards 2021
  • Best Use of Search - Automotive (shortlisted)

The Client

Kia Motors

Kia Corporation was founded in May 1944 and is Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. Today, the world’s fifth largest vehicle manufacturer.

Kia produces more than 1.4 million vehicles a year at 14 manufacturing and assembly operations in eight countries. These vehicles are sold and serviced through more than 3,000 distributors and dealers covering 172 countries.

The Corporation has more than 40,000 employees and annual revenues of more than US$17 billion.




Anders Lindstrøm, Director, Client Strategy

[email protected]


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