s360 & Nutriment: Unleashing the power of Creative Optimisation and Performance Max

By implementing a new creative look that prioritized distinct branding elements and emphasized the brand's premium positioning, Nutriment saw an immediate increase in ad revenue on Meta and boosted ROAS and revenue through Paid Search.

The Challenge

Lack of internal resources for optimised creative production

s360 and Nutriment collaborated to optimise Nutriment's Paid Search setup and Meta account structure, while also experimenting with new social media strategies. Once an optimal campaign setup was identified to align with Nutriment's business goals, the objective shifted towards achieving consistent performance growth.

To accomplish this, emphasis was placed on refining Nutriment’s creative messaging. However, Nutriment encountered challenges in meeting the requirements for effective channel-optimized creatives due to resource limitations. As a result, Nutriment and s360 began a partnership for an optimised creative production that could span several channels and campaigns.

The Client



Raw pet food

Uplift in ROAS
Uplift in revenue
Increase in conversion rate
Uplift in average order value

The Solution

Full-scale creative optimisation

By leveraging a comprehensive creative audit and competitor analysis, s360 created a fresh and compelling look for the brand's social media ads. The focus was on effectively conveying the brand's premium positioning and introducing distinctive branding elements that maintained consistency across all visual touchpoints along the user's entire purchase journey.

The result was a cohesive and impactful visual identity that resonated with customers, reinforcing the brand's premium status and leaving a lasting impression. The combination of thorough analysis, strategic implementation, and attention led to an enhanced user experience and optimal creatives for Nutriments Paid Social campaigns and Performance Max campaign.


"As a brand, our key messaging and brand positioning are extremely important to us. s360 have really embraced Nutriment, took the time to dive under the surface of our brand and provide new and fresh creative ideas that resonate with our audiences, attract new customers and effectively meet (and surpass) our digital performance expectations. We are even utilising some of these creative aspects within our wider marketing strategy now. 

The creative process is extremely enjoyable, s360 is flexible, brings fresh ideas and test opportunities, and has become an integral partner on our marketing and growth journeys."

Ryan Winwright, Head of Commercial, Nutriment

The Results

Nutriment increased ROAS & revenue by featuring new video creatives in Performance Max and through Paid Social

After implementing the new creatives in both upper and lower-funnel campaigns on Meta, remarkable results were observed. Meta-attributed revenue saw a notable 36% increase, while ROAS improved significantly by 69%, and cost per purchase decreased by a substantial 37%. Of particular interest was the impressive 254% surge in conversion rate, which has remained consistently high.

Furthermore, Nutriment experienced remarkable growth with a 90% increase in ROAS and a 70% increase in revenue. Additionally, there was a notable 78% uplift in average order value (AOV) by leveraging the improved creatives in Performance Max campaigns. These results clearly demonstrate that the new creatives enabled efficient targeting and engagement of better-converting audiences.

The Client


Established in 2013, Nutriment has revolutionised the world of raw feeding. With complete dedication to Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) and a commitment to animal health and happiness, the team at Nutriment is unreservedly passionate about bringing raw feeding solutions to dogs and cats around the world.



Vivian Lindholm, Paid Social & Creative Specialist, Sweden & Finland

Phone: +46 760 21 42 31, [email protected]

Muhittin Bimay, Associate Specialist, Paid Search, Sweden 

Phone: +46 762 45 55 87, [email protected]


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