s360 & Oda: +27% increased ROAS with Search Ads 360

Oda saw a 37% increase in user sign-ups and a 27% increase in ROAS with Search Ads 360.

The Challenge

Suboptimal search coverage in a growing market

Being Norway's largest online grocery store, Oda has thousands of products and categories, making it impossible to create relevant ads manually. While growing rapidly in a highly competitive market, Oda wanted to increase search coverage efficiently. 

Oda needed a fully optimised controlled search set-up to cover all relevant keywords for all products and categories in real-time and show the most highly relevant ads for the customers at the right time. It was a business objective to cut ineffective marketing campaigns and secure the highest return on investment. 

These created the need for an efficient structure and on-point setup for website and app purchases. Furthermore, Oda has two core objectives with their Search campaigns: gaining new customers and increasing revenue.




Online grocery retailer

Increase in ROAS
Increase in user sign-ups

The Solution

Taking Oda’s setup to a new maturity level with Search Ads 360

To upscale Oda’s Paid Search set-up, s360 aligned Oda’s objectives with the optimisation strategy with weighted conversions. This meant utilising Search Ads 360 inventory management to automatically update keywords and ads with prices, stock level and newest products to ensure highly relevant ads for the right audience at the right time.  

s360 implemented best practices and ensured a solid technical foundation and complete search coverage. The solution provides a scalable setup where feed attributes and formula columns automatically create dynamic ads down to a product level and stop or start ads when new brands, categories and products are added to or removed from the range. 

By using this shared strategy across platforms, Oda manages to maximise return on investment while using first-party data in optimisation and search coverage structure for all categories.

Having the right automated setup was paramount for achieving Oda’s objectives, and thanks to the close collaboration of internal teams and s360, we now have a Search Ads 360 setup that guarantees best practices. With s360’s guidance, we created a shared strategy across platforms that exceeded our objectives with this campaign. Through transparency, we worked with s360 to strategize, plan and execute a long-term, scalable setup that saves time and resources and can now be focused on growing our business.

Carolina Vicente, Global Growth Director, Oda

The Results

27% increase in ROAS with an automated set-up

By using Search Ads 360 and creating an automated setup that follows best practices, Oda manages to streamline their Paid Search activities. Not only does this save Oda several hours per week, but it also decreases the cost per purchase. These hours enable Oda and s360 to focus on ensuring that the right strategy to increase customer acquisition is in place. 

The new Search Ads 360 setup also highlighted more products and categories, which increased purchases. At the same time, total revenue has also seen an increase.

The Client


Oda was started in 2013 by ten entrepreneurs and is now Norway's largest online grocery store. They aim to make everyday life easier for people with a revolutionary value chain and technology.



Jacob Johansen, Head of Client Strategy, s360 Norway, [email protected]


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