s360 & By Stine Winther: How By Stine Winther’s conversion rate on Meta was quadrupled in Black November

Based on thorough evaluation, an optimisation of By Stine Winther Paid Social setup resulted in increased ROAS and a conversion rate from Meta that increased more than 300%.

The Challenge

An unorganised Paid Social setup and the establishment of a reliable and transparent partnership

By Stine Winther’s top priority was that the partnership had to be based on reliability and transparency. It was important for the client to be able to contact a partner when needed and to make sure that they had a full overview of all activities and media spend.

Furthermore, the client was challenged by its Paid Social setup, as the structure of the campaigns was unorganised, and it was difficult for the client to gain understanding of the media spend. The Paid Social setup had to be evaluated, and the client requested an optimisation of it before Black Friday 2022 if possible, as they wanted to increase the number of purchases directly from Meta. 


By Stine Winther



Increase in ROAS
Decrease in CPA
Increase in conversion rate directly from Meta

The Solution

An efficient funnel structure that ensures an optimised media spend

The client's wish for a transparent partnership was met by arranging weekly check-ins. In this way By Stine Winther maintains a full overview of the media spend, and they are ensured full insight and clear communication in regard to all future decisions and initiatives.

By Stine Winther’s Paid Social setup was examined to ensure that the brand will perform as good as possible on social media. A new efficient funnel structure was implemented, and among other things this has resulted in an optimised distribution of media spend that is more palpable to the client. Additionally, a thorough analysis of the client’s previous campaigns has shown what types of adverts that perform best, and these have been optimised further by implementing best practice.

“We have experienced a significant increase in sales and performance in Paid Social, since the partnership was established in the autumn of 2022. It is a great match, and as a brand we feel seen and listened to in our wishes and needs in a partner - both for the brand’s future growth and them as specialists. Vi have experienced a team that is proactive, consultative and takes responsibility. I will recommend s360 to any company that wants to improve their performance on Paid Social.”

Stine Winther, Owner & Jewellery designer, By Stine Winther

The Results

321% increase in purchases directly from Meta, while CPA decreases 63%

Regular updates from both us and the client were ensured through weekly check-ins. Beside transparent and regular communication, this has made it possible to discuss and review new initiatives and opportunities on a regular basis, as well as how these can be implemented in By Stine Winther’s Paid Social setup.

By optimising By Stine Winther’s Paid Social setup and implementing best practice initiatives, the brand has achieved excellent results. The partnership was established shortly before Black Friday 2022 and during the campaign period (November-January) By Stine Wither experienced a 151% increase in ROAS. The optimisation of the Paid Social setup also resulted in CPA decreasing 63%, and exceeding all expectations the conversion rate directly from Meta increased 321%.

The Client

By Stine Winther

By Stine Winther is a Danish Jewellery brand, and it was established in 2017. Stine Winther started selling jewellery through her Instagram account, and since then the brand has grown into a large and nationally recognised jewellery brand that makes its own collections and is present on several online channels.



Isabella Maria Leftley

Senior Specialist, Paid Social

[email protected] 


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