s360 & EasyTranslate: Successful B2B marketing across 10 markets for EasyTranslate

EasyTranslate and s360 established a successful B2B setup across 10 different markets in less than 6 months and reached a 41% growth in B2B leads.

The Challenge

Segment B2B markets to reach new leads

EasyTranslate was used to manage translations and interpretation services for both B2C and B2B clients. This made it difficult to optimise and target marketing to the most valuable B2B clients. With that need in mind, s360 was contacted as a new Paid Search partner to help EasyTranslate improve its results and upscale its setup across several markets.




Professional translations

New markets
Growth in B2B leads
Decrease in CPA
New languages

The Solution

Algorithm-driven bid strategy ensured B2B leads

s360 implemented a new algorithm-driven bidding strategy and goal, which ensured optimisation towards B2B leads. s360 also optimised creatives and landing pages to appeal to businesses, and used both negative user lists and keywords to minimise clicks from private individuals.

The starting point for both measures was to ensure that the Google Ads account had a better structure that could be easily scaled out to more B2B markets.

The Results

10 new markets and a significant growth in B2B leads

s360 managed to turn EasyTranslate’s Google Ads account around. The partnership made EasyTranslate spread to 10 new European countries with over 70 languages and more than 500 language combinations.

This resulted in a 41% growth in B2B leads compared to the previous year, while the CPA fell by 43% - both during the first 6 months of the partnership. 

The Client


EasyTranslate is a platform that collects different types of translations and interpretation services.

The platform is intended for companies needing high-quality translations and solutions to their language needs.



Mathias Hillerup Larsen, CTO & Partner

[email protected]


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