On-demand webinar: Presenting the s360 Insights Suite

A solid foundation for valuable business decisions

Webinar: Presenting the s360 Insights Suite

- A solid foundation for valuable business decisions

The past years made it clear how important it is to distinguish between results driven by market conditions and your own performance. As a performance marketing Agency, we have experienced a rising interest and need for services to uncover key industry insights to drive the best business decisions based on the right foundation.

Often, we experience that many businesses don’t have access to performance data and industry insights to answer their questions. Therefore, we have developed multiple products to provide critical business insights to answer questions like:

  • Are we performing better or worse than the market?
  • What is our market share and who are our main competitors?
  • How does the demand for our core categories develop?

In this webinar, Frederik Hyldig and Anne Lund Kristiansen present the s360 Insights Suite that covers essential metrics and insights to make the right business decisions.


  • How the changing digital landscape impacts digital business decisions
  • Presentation of the s360 Insights Suite, incl. why it is important and how you turn these insights into actions
    • The s360 Shopping Index
      • Weekly updated industry benchmarks for ecommerce in the Nordics
    • The s360 Brand Performance Dashboard
      • Measure your brand performance against competitors using search data
    • The s360 Category Trends
      • Understand market demand across categories, products and keywords


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