s360 & Harklinikken: +3 million higher reach without compromising sales or increasing ad spend

By testing a strategic branding approach with tailored creatives, Harklinikken exceeded their short-term sales, reach, and ad recall targets.

The Challenge

Business as usual withholding progression

Harklinikken wanted to elevate their Paid Social setup but worried that incorporating branding campaigns would be a long-term investment and diminish their short-term sales. s360 and Harklinikken's Head of Growth, Nick Emby, however, hypothesised that adding a branding campaign would not only maintain existing sales levels but also provide a wider reach and improved ad recall. 

Ultimately, Harklinikken agreed to let s360 test the hypothesis, with the condition that the existing budgets could not be increased. To conduct the study, s360 collaborated with Meta's Marketing Science team to set up a Multi-Cell Conversion & Brand Lift Study.




Beauty & Hair Growth Products

Increase in people reached
Increase in Ad recall
Incremental reach
Increase in incremental purchases

The Solution

A multi-cell study into the short-term effects of an added branding track

In order to be able to measure correctly, s360 teamed up with Meta’s Marketing Science team and set up a Multi-Cell Conversion & Brand Lift Study. The study was divided into two cells: 

  • Cell 1: Business as usual (BAU) campaigns 
  • Cell 2: Challenger campaigns 

The BAU Cell was the usual 100% conversion-based setup, while the Challenger Cell was a combination of conversion-based setup and brand awareness campaign that had allocated 25% of the budget. Both conversion and brand lift were measured for each cell during the study.

With a Multi-Cell Conversion & Brand Lift Study, the sales for the entire campaign period could be measured - the perfect solution to understanding how a branding campaign actually performed outside the standard short measurement windows.

To capture the essence of Harklinikken in the branding campaign, high-performing Brand Ambassadors were essential. Their involvement aimed to prove that branding campaigns can generate immediate sales. By strategically linking ads to landing pages featuring ambassadors, users were offered personal success stories and the chance to take an online hair assessment. This empowered users to make informed product purchases tailored to their needs and preferences.

"Together with s360 and Meta's Marketing Science department, we set out on a measurement journey to learn the brand and conversion lift when running a full-funnel campaign setup on Meta. The results were much better than anticipated, and the measurement has laid the foundation for our future media buying strategy on Meta."
Nicholas Emby, Head of Growth at Harklinikken

The Results

Achieving a full-funnel success story

Without increasing the budgets, Harklinikkens Challenger Cell resulted in a 178% increase in people reached, totaling an additional 4.720.000 people, with a 16% increase in Ad recall. As a bonus result, 97% of the reach was incremental, meaning the results were generated from people we had not previously reached on Meta. But most importantly, the Challenger Cell resulted in a 3% increase in incremental purchases compared to the Business as Usual Cell. 

With the added brand awareness objective and a solid targeting strategy, Harklinikken has unlocked new audiences, achieved incremental reach and outperformed their objectives by far. By partnering up with Meta’s Marketing Science team, we secured best-in-class measurements to evaluate the campaign.

With this case, s360 successfully confirmed the hypothesis that branding campaigns do generate short-term sales as well as key branding metrics.

The Client


Harklinikken is a hair clinic founded in Denmark with clinics worldwide dedicated to helping people achieve their hair’s full potential. Shaped by their Scandinavian heritage and appreciation of natural beauty, their high-quality, non-toxic and efficacious hair products are the results of decades of research to ensure the vitality of both hair and scalp.



Malthe Wisler Johansen, Senior Specialist, Paid Social s360 

Phone: +45 26 20 62 88, [email protected]


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