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Stockmann doubles revenue and ROAS from Google Ads and Shopping

Leveraging technology and automation, Stockmann doubled ROAS and achieved a 5-digit (EUR) annual savings on technology fees.


Founded in 1862, Stockmann has six department stores in Finland and more than 100,000 products on Stockmann became the first Finnish retailer to advertise on Google Shopping in June 2019.


Stockmann turned to s360 as Google Shopping was launching in Finland. Having a challenger mindset, Stockmann wanted not only to leverage the new opportunity but also automate their current digital marketing operation to increase efficiency transparency.


Google Shopping quickly became the most significant customer acquisition channel through automation of 100k+ products. Stockmann experienced a 250% increase in marketing ROAS from generic search, while marketing investments increased simultaneously, and a 400% increase in total eCommerce transactions year-on-year from generic searches. Stockmann also achieved a 5-digit annual savings from replaced technology.

We have been incredibly satisfied with the developing partnership between s360 and Stockmann. The results speak for themselves; results on advertising (ROAS) have improved greatly and, among the first in Finland, we have been able to share our vast selections of products with Google shopping ads. With the help of s360's expertise, we have made great progress.

Sanna Kauhanen, Digital Marketing Specialist



First, s360 carried out a full audit into all Stockmann’s Google accounts, and also audited the current technologies and tools used for feed management and bidding. s360 recommended replacing the existing feed automation technology with a similar, but more affordable system, effectively carrying out the same function.

Also, s360 set out a 5-week testing plan for moving away from a third-party bidding tool on Google Ads. As part of the automation, the target goal moved away from pure transaction CPA towards ROAS. As a result of automation, further expansion in keyword coverage was made to over 500 brands alongside the automation of all eCommerce products on

Lastly, s360 shared how they helped other retail-clients in the same processes before to set expectations for the coming months and performance.


Hermanni Nurila, Partner
[email protected]

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