s360 & Weekday: Instagram accelerates brand awareness on new markets

Weekday wanted to increase brand consideration in a selection of markets using social media.

The Challenge

Increasing brand consideration and preference using social media

Weekday aimed to increase brand consideration in countries where it is not necessarily a leading or top three choice.

This aim was particularly Germany, The Netherlands & UK. Paid Social was one of the answers to this.





lift in brand consideration
lift in brand awareness
lower cost per person

The Solution

Adding a four-week broad brand awareness campaign to the existing Meta set up

Weekday worked with s360 and Meta Creative Shop to produce a brief for video ads, which we then handed to creators. Weekday then worked with a diverse set of creators from its community to make the reels more relevant and relatable for its young female audience.

s360 added a four-week broad brand awareness campaign to the existing consideration and conversion campaign. s360 optimized the consideration and conversion campaigns for different conversion events (view content and purchase) to encourage sales and reach existing, likely, and new customers.

The Results

Instagram pushed Weekday into top 3 brands among its desired markets

The results were measured by a brand lift study that revealed:

  • 2.3-point lift in consideration
  • 3.9-point lift in brand awareness

Additionally, 74% lower cost per person considering Weekday as one of their top three brands when shopping for clothes in export markets of UK, Germany, Netherlands, compared to the previous study.

The Client


Founded in 2002, Weekday is a Swedish fashion brand influenced by youth culture and street style.

Weekday ships to 97 markets and has stores in 16 countries, offering women’s and men’s clothing and a small selection of brands.

Weekday is a part of the H&M Group.



Kavjan Hagi, Managing Director s360 Sweden

[email protected]


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