s360 & Vibholm: Vibholm's SEO Success: 28,000 New Descriptions & Higher Conversion rate within 5 Days

By connecting the knowledge gained from scraping Vibholm's existing product descriptions and specifications with s360's experience with prompting and content generation, we have together formed the perfect foundation for automatically levelling new and existing content with AI.

The Challenge

An increasing need for high-value Product Detail Pages and a desire to raise the conversion rate

Vibholm has over 28,000 unique Product Detail Pages, continuously increasing and being replaced as new pieces are added and old ones are sold out. To stay relevant and up-front in search rank, the client has a well-developed webshop with content fitted for SEO, Paid Social, and Paid Search.

However, the client still had a feeling of unresolved potential, as content was missing on some of its 28,000 Product Detail Pages in terms of quantity of words. This was emphasised by how conversions are proven to rise from 2% to 4% when Product Details are above 230 words. Therefore, the challenge was to figure out how Vibholm could elevate its conversion rate and become even more relevant for clients without spending enormous amounts of time and money on generating Product Details.   

*To add, the importance of content on Product Detail Pages is going to rise when Google's new generative search experience comes into the market—making content and product relevance as ranking factors even more important because unique products will increasingly be pushed automatically in their AI-Search-Results.





Product Descriptions
Days of work
Saved per hour

The Solution

Web scraping and AI-generated content with a tiering system securing running feedback and automated product descriptions

To raise Vibholm's conversion rate and level the content of its product detail pages, we felt confident with introducing our newest business case, an AI tool and a tiering system for levelling and automating both content and ways of working for content creators. By scraping, using AI and implementing s360's tiering system, Vibholm can automatically generate descriptions on all 28,000 existing and new product pages - being confident that both the number of words and relevance of content follow best practice. 

First of all, scraping of existing Product Detail Pages was done as it was necessary to gather data such as text, CSV, JSON files, and pictures of products before turning towards prompting, as the aim was to produce content ready for sharing without human interactions. 

Next up, we turned towards LLM's  and a few-shot prompting strategy for generating Vibholms content. Processes which secure the automatisation and control of a system, which we can be fed with the scraped inputs and deliver a Valuable output - with both high quality, exact word counts and running customisation. 

Lastly, we gathered performance data for each Product Detail Pages, dividing products into different tiers depending on how many customers visited the page. Products with a high amount of visits would be 'Tier 1 - AI & Bespoke', while products with almost no visits would be 'Tier 3 - Full AI'. Automatically and continuously prioritising more critical Product Detail for content creators, ensuring time and money are spent on levelling the most valuable content.

“It has been exciting to try out this new technology with s360, and it has given us remarkable results. s360’s AI tool has ensured optimised Product Description Pages for all of our products, which has taken our search ranking to new heights. We are fully confident in s360’s approach to Artificial Intelligence and we will definitely continue to use it for product descriptions in the future.”

Anders Talbo Dahl, Digital Director, Vibholm

The Results

Vibholm reached their goal of PDP on all products

Within 5 days the automated generation and tiered product description system fulfilled Vibholm's goal of having content on all Product Description Pages. All 28,000 products had descriptions that met Vibholm's basic requirements in relation to quality and quantity within one week. Moreover, the tiered approach facilitated the additional levelling of the most important description pages by s360’s Content team.    

In sum, by trusting s360, Vibholm successfully reached its goals. Additionally, Vibholm was the first client to implement this tool and system, thereby helping s360 build a solution ready to scale for other clients. 

The Client


Vibholm is one of Denmark's largest omnichannel jewellery retailers. Tenna Vibholm founded the company in 2007 with a desire to establish a modern jeweller with both fashionable and classic jewellery brands. The vision and trademark to evolve with consumers and the fashion scene has led to 24 stores and one of Denmark's leading jewellery webshops.



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Director & Team Lead, SEO
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