Google Marketing Platform

Choose the right technology and leverage the full potential of your data to future proof your digital marketing campaigns.

We believe in the power of a customer-centric model in which the uniformity of strategy, data, and technology drives significant and measurable improvements to your digital marketing efforts. Our approach is built on client data ownership and full transparency, offering both best-in-class programmatic campaign execution and tailored platform and technology integrations to meet your marketing needs today and tomorrow.

Display & Video 360

Control and build your programmatic campaigns with a single platform to manage end-to-end campaign planning, creative assignments, reporting, and much more. With the build-in integration possibilities, we can harness the full potential of your media buys by connecting and activating your audience data across digital media and campaign types. With exclusive access to premium inventory and global marketplaces, we optimize your marketing campaigns to maximize every touchpoint’s value in the consumer journey.

Campaign Manager 360

Besides serving engaging and influential creatives to users, Campaign Manager 360 lets you record campaigns’ performance data. We produce actionable insights from the data through the comprehensive reporting suite with custom reports and metrics. By taking full advantage of the platform’s features, we create cross-channel attribution to measure your campaigns’ full impact. Of course, we also manage and ensure the high-quality delivery of your campaigns with the build-in verification tools. Campaign Manager 360 is the heart of the Google Marketing Platform, and from our proven experience, the capabilities span much further than just ad serving.

Search Ads 360

Accelerate your paid search capabilities with Search Ads 360. This enterprise platform enables you to manage multiple search engines in one place. Through automated templates, structural changes are applied across all engines in an instance. With the power of Google’s bidding algorithms, we assist you in scaling your search efforts through customized rules, inventory management, and auction time bidding to react to market data and event-triggered changes in real-time.


Take your standard creative assets to the next level with rich media and dynamic creatives to build bespoke messaging tailored to users’ behavior and intent across all formats and devices. Our team helps you entice and engage rich media creatives to drive engagement and branding across all formats, such as custom video and dynamic creatives. Studio empowers your creative team and partners by removing any creative limitations. We help you seamlessly integrate these into campaign execution and ad serving in the Google Marketing Platform.

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