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Choose the right technology and leverage the full potential of your data to future-proof your digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing Technology

Driving digital maturity

What you get

Trustworthy and reliable data foundation to drive your strategic actions while using the leading marketing technology platforms and certified assistance. In short, you get connected data simplifying your marketing setups and processes. 

How you benefit

Taking your digital marketing to the next level requires the right set of technologies and professional data setups. At s360, we offer a heavy tech stack and experts in setting up the right solution for your business. Technology and data are key drivers for digital growth. 

Why you need it

To operate in the field of online advertising that is constantly changing, having control of your data and managing it in a meaningful way is highly important. We can eliminate your satellite systems and gather all your data in one place to increase security and efficiency.


Official Google Sales Partner

As one of a few worldwide partners certified by Google to sell their enterprise-level advertising and measurement suite, we provide access, training, technical support and beta feature access to the entire Google Marketing Platform technology stack. Our experienced 100+ fully GMP-certified specialists offer industry-leading consultations and roadmaps to enable organizations to drive their digital maturity through digital marketing transformation.


Google Marketing Platform

We believe in the power of a customer-centric model in which the uniformity of strategy, data, and technology drives significant and measurable improvements to your digital marketing efforts. As an official EMEA Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner, we offer Google’s enterprise-level advertising and measurement suite to our clients.

Our approach is built on client data ownership and full transparency, offering both best-in-class digital marketing execution and tailored platform and technology integrations to meet your marketing needs today and tomorrow.



Search Ads 360

This enterprise platform offers advanced automation and optimization opportunities while enabling you to manage multiple search engines in one place. Structural changes are applied across all engines instantly, allowing you to react in real-time.

With the power of Google’s bidding algorithms, we assist you in scaling your search efforts through customised rules, profit bidding, inventory management, and auction time bidding to react to real-time market data and event-triggered changes.


Display & Video 360

Control and build your programmatic campaigns with a single platform to manage end-to-end campaign planning, creative assignments, attribution & reporting, and much more.

With the vast built-in integrations, you can harness the full potential of your media buys by connecting and activating your audience data, incl. first-party business data, purchase behaviour and interests, with unparalleled exclusive access to premium inventory, new emerging digital formats and global marketplaces and media networks. By consolidating your digital media in one place, you can efficiently control the frequency of impressions across every touchpoint in the customer journey and achieve measurable incremental reach and performance.


Campaign Manager 360

Besides serving engaging and impactful creatives to your audience, Campaign Manager 360 lets you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and creatives.

In addition to trafficking your campaign assets, the platform’s uniform rich measurement suite, enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by assessing unique reach and cross-device attribution while running ongoing rotational creative tests to optimize campaign assets to resonate with your audience.


Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 provides the tools and support needed to get actionable insights from larger data sets. It empowers you to analyse large amounts of data in a single space, allowing you to work with the actual data without data sampling bias. 

Experience access to premium capabilities such as enhanced data freshness and continuous data within an hour after collection to get the most from your analytics. By connecting insights to results, you can optimize your marketing performance by understanding how your customers interact across your sites and apps. With a customer-centric measurement across the entire customer lifecycle, you will uncover insights to anticipate future customer actions and activate your marketing with integrations to your advertising platforms 


Tag Manager 360

Tag Manager 360 is a technical tool that is overlooked too often. It is the tool that supports all tags, and you have the flexibility to manage how your tags behave once users make their cookie consent decisions. 

It is a simple tool that easily integrates with the systems you are already using. It organises and maintains control of your most critical tags, decreases page load time, and quickly releases new and updated campaigns. 

Our Google Marketing Platform (GMP) specialists can do a deep dive into your existing setup to make sure you are following best practices. At s360, we deliver the technology and the onboarding needed to work with GMP successfully. We strive to educate your team with no fluff by keeping the training on point while being down to earth.

We believe in the power of a customer-centric model in which the uniformity of strategy, data, and technology drives significant and measurable improvements to your digital marketing efforts. Our approach builds on client data ownership and full transparency, offering best-in-class programmatic campaign execution and tailored platform and technology integrations to meet your marketing needs today and tomorrow.

Our team of GMP experts across all Google products is ready to assist you in the way that matters to you to reach your goals.

Peter Andersen, Head of Google Marketing Platform, s360

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Marketing Technology


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