s360 & MG Motor: Brand awareness uplift by 21.6% via Paid Social strategy based on behavioural data

Through a focused effort on branding and collecting leads, s360 helped MG Motor Denmark on its way to a solid resurgence in the Danish market.

The Challenge

Building brand awereness through digital communication

In April 2020, the resurgence of MG Motor Danmark was announced, which enabled a natural focus on digital communication. Thus, s360 was chosen as a strategic partner to build brand awareness.

s360 activates social channels, such as Instagram and Facebook, to get insights into user behavior. Based on these insights, s360 creates visual elements for branding and sales.


MG Motor



Increased brand recognisability
Increased click-through rate
Conversion rate of test drive bookings
Incremental boost in leads

The Solution

70 % of target group reached with ready-to-buy leads

With the help of s360, MG Motor tailored the digital communication on Facebook and Instagram to an in-market target group. Based on behavioral data, s360 creates content to drive the most important KPIs: sales, test drives, and leads.

Additionally, s360 develops different formats such as videos in feeds and stories to increase recognisability.

The campaign built up a reach of 70% of the target group via reach and frequency. Moreover, the frequency of ready-to-buy leads is raised by constantly replacing and reframing the messages.

The Results

21.6 % increase in brand recognisability

With a focus on conversion optimization and building brand awareness through maximum reach and visual development, MG’s brand recognisability increased by 21.6% and the click-through rate by 1.73%.

Moreover, test drive bookings got a conversion rate of 2.25%, corresponding to a 179% incremental boost in the number of leads.

Finally, the more user-friendly platform delivered a conversion rate of 0.7% on focused purchase or lease agreement activities.

The Client

MG Motors

MG Motor Danmark was founded in 1924. Today, SAIC Motors owns the brand and is beginning a new, innovative resurgence in Europe.




Mathias Hillerup Larsen, CTO & Partner

[email protected]


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