s360 & Garnius: How Garnius took upper-funnel marketing to new heights by implementing strategic branding elements in ads

An official Meta case study: A test of strategic approaches resulted in remarkable outcomes for Garnius. An added branding track ensured an efficient strategy for both upper- and lower funnel marketing.

The Challenge

An upper-funnel that captivate new, potential customers to increase reach and boost sales

By working with Meta and s360, Garnius already has a Paid Social setup that successfully reached its customers by primarily focusing on conversion campaigns. Along with retargeting, this strategy aimed to meet the client’s objective of strengthening its position among customers, who are already familiar with the brand. However, appealing to customers already at the early stages of the purchase journey was seen as an opportunity to increase sales even further. The question was whether or not implementing branding initiatives in the upper-funnel would increase key performance metrics. s360 wanted to assess if the hypothesis was true, and Garnius was up for the study.  

Garnius’ current Paid Social set up used Meta’s Advantage+ across all Meta platforms, and this tool was also used to test the new upper-funnel approaches. Garnius wanted to increase reach among potential customers and boost sales from its website without increasing CPA, and an upper-funnel approach was an ideal strategy.





Higher reach than Cell 1
Higher consideration than Cell 1
More purchases than Cell 1

The Solution

A multi-cell study into the effects of adding a branding track in the upper-funnel

In cooperation with s360 and Meta, Garnius decided to create a multi-phased campaign to test the hypothesis of whether or not including a branding track in the upper-funnel approach would increase sales.  Additionally, s360 implemented a multi-cell brand lift and conversion lift studies to assess the results. The study was divided into two cells:  
  • Cell 1: 100% Advantage+ shopping campaign ads
  • Cell 2: 80% Advantage+ Shopping campaign ads and 20% brand awareness ads
  Using Advantage+ shopping campaign ads, s360 incorporated AI and machine learning in Garnius’ Paid Search set up. Garnius was already familiar with the tool, as it was also used for lower-funnel marketing initiatives, such as improving personalisation in ads and streamlining campaign creations and campaign management.

Cell 1 was 100% based on Advantage+ shopping campaign ads, which means that ads within this cell automatically presented product recommendations based on the individual customer’s interests, intent, and actions. In this case, the ads were targeted at customers in the upper-funnel, and the target audience, therefore, consisted of consumers, who had shown interest in products similar to Garnius’.

Cell 2, on the other hand, was only based 80% on Advantage+ shopping campaign ads, whereas the remaining 20% of the ads focused on brand awareness. Adding branding elements to the ads aimed to increase brand awareness and brand recognition among new, potential customers, ultimately leading to an increase in sales.

Ads in both cells were distributed across Meta’s platforms and they consisted of different formats including video ads to capture attention and ads in Stories to present the consumer with a full- screen experience.  
The full-funnel study on Meta has Changed our media buying strategy. We now know the value of branding - both in short and long term. We now do a funnel split that we are completely confident will help us grow and develop new markets.”
Raymond Østrem-Gautesen, CEO & Co-Owner, Garnius

The Results

Branding track achieves a 20% higher reach and increases consideration by 23% within a two month period.

The hypothesis was confirmed. Branding initiatives do increase key performance metrics in upper-funnel marketing. 

Overall, cell 2 was the winner of the multi-cell lift study and conversion lift study, as it is not only focused on boosting sales but also on branding initiatives to increase brand awareness and brand recognition among potential customers.

Ultimately, the combination of Advantage+ shopping campaign ads and a branding track in cell 2 resulted in 20% higher reach than cell 1, while it also achieved 8% more purchases than cell 1. Additionally, as the ads in cell 2 were optimised for brand awareness and brand recognition, this approach achieved 23% higher consideration among consumers than the approach without a branding track in cell 1. All results were achieved within a two month period.

Garnius has unlocked new audiences by targeting ads at consumers, who are interested in products similar to the brand’s own assortment, and visual branding elements in the ads ensured higher recognition among the new audiences and existing customers. 

The Client


The e-commerce company, Garnius was established in 2016, and it is now Norway’s largest online retailer of yarn and knitting equipment, and the company is also present on the Swedish and the Danish markets. In addition to yarn and knitting equipment, Garnius also offers knitting designs that can inspire the customer to start new yarn creations.


Malthe Wisler Johansen
Senior Specialist, Social
Phone: +45 26 20 62 88
[email protected]  

For an in-depth understading of the use of Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, read Meta's case study on their work with Garnius.    


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