s360 & Flying Tiger Copenhagen: Omnichannel marketing accelerates the journey to become a leading global brand

s360 lifted Flying Tiger Copenhagen to be the leading omnichannel brand in its category with sales in both stores and the newly launched webshop.

The Challenge

Boosting sales and bolstering the new website

Flying Tiger Copenhagen partnered with s360 to boost sales in the stores and the webshop. s360 created a streamlined omnichannel marketing strategy that delivered valuable business results.

Furthermore, s360 executed digital marketing and provided strategic advice to ensure that the new webshop became a solid pillar in Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s business model.


Flying Tiger Copenhagen



Lower cost-per-store visit

The Solution

Scalable omnichannel marketing resulting in solid data and a strong digital platform

The starting point for the new omnichannel marketing strategy was to create a scalable solution, encountering global and local market conditions.

s360 built a solid data setup with BigQuery, which ensured efficient data collection for analysis and decision-making and reactivation of data for increased performance in sales channels.

In addition, s360 strengthened the brand’s presence on Google and Facebook, allowing the digital platforms to drive online sales and document store visits.

The Results

Budget reached after 7 months with a 30 % lower cost-per-store visit

After only seven months, the new webshop met the budgeted annual turnover.

Additionally, the collaboration with s360 creates continuous store visits at a 30 % lower cost-per-store visit than the set profitable goal.

The Client

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s largest retail chains, with a global presence in more than +900 stores across 27 markets.

In 2020, Flying Tiger Copenhagen opened its webshop, flyingtiger.com, and thus transitioned from being a traditional retail brand to an omnichannel brand.




Mathias Hillerup Larsen, CTO & Partner

[email protected]


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