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Finding the SEO Data Nirvana

s360 provided Allakando with the most detailed view of their Search and Content Landscape ever possible. Creating a foundation this strong has been a game-changer for Allakando in terms of how they work with SEO.


Allakando is the largest and fastest-growing tutoring company in Sweden. Allakando owns 3 domains where they help students get access to study helpers and qualified homework assistance and tuition.



Allakando was executing SEO based on gut feelings and fragmented data sources. The objective was to create a sharp strategy on all aspects of SEO factoring in all possible elements of the algorithm. The vision was to build a Content Map with each URL and attach all the relevant data to each URL with action points and to-dos for the Allakando team. 

Working with s360 has been an eyeopener in terms of how detailed our decisions within SEO can become. It has been a great process of not only building audits and data that is soon forgotten but building a useful and tangible worksheet, that we use on a daily basis in our SEO work. Big kudos to Nikolaj and the team behind s360.

Fredrik Fridlund, CEO



This case stands as a Best-in-Class example of how to activate data from all aspects of SEO into one single overview to drive real improvements. The overall results are currently very positive and still increasing after the impact of activities at the beginning of 2020. This is fantastic results for Allakando as there is a big value in organic visitors to their website.


By collecting data from +7 different state of the art SEO tools, s360 gave Allakando an overview of all their URLs mapped with relevant data sources. By providing a structure and a framework for the continuing optimization process, the Allakando team are now able to prioritize their actions according to where it brings the most value.


Nikolaj Mogensen, Head of SEO
+45 3152 2022
[email protected]

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