s360 & Arla Foods: Arla Foods go from 0 to 15,000+ organic visits in only 6 months

Leveraging the power of SEO by creating relevant and inspiring content based on the primary audience's search behaviour, Arla increased monthly organic visits from 0 to 15,000+ in only six months.

The Challenge

Creating a long-lasting SEO strategy across markets

Arla turned to s360 as they wanted a better understanding of the search behaviour of their primary audience in the US and UK and to develop a cost-efficient and sustainable SEO strategy to reach their most relevant in-market customers at the right time with the right content.


Arla Foods


Food and beverage

Over target for organic visits
Monthly organic visits
Of top 50 organic search placement on Google

The Solution

Closing the "Content gap" through search behaviour analysis

Together with Arla Foods, we developed a holistic SEO strategy called “A World of Cheese”, – A content universe based on the search behaviour of Castello Cheese’s primary audience and Arla’s in-depth industry knowledge.

Our goal was to close the “content gap” and reach Castello Cheese’s most relevant in-market customers at the right time, with the right content and our starting point was an in-depth analysis of the search behaviour of Castello Cheese’s primary audience, including a technical SEO analysis, keyword analysis, intention grouping, content gap analysis and mapping.

Based on our newly discovered learnings about Arla’s primary audience and its search behaviour, we created content briefs for each page and produced engaging content while being faithful to Castello Cheese’s brand and tone of voice.

The project was taken from the cradle to the grave in less than four months. Shortly after it was published, Google started seeing it as one of the best sources of information about the different types of cheese.

“s360 has been an important partner in developing our Castello’s SEO strategy and has shown great qualities in planning and execution. We have seen incredible results and will use the same strategy for more brands.

I have been especially impressed with their approach and knowledge of technical analysis, keyword analysis, intent analysis and content gap analysis, combined with planning and content production - a holistic 360-degree approach to closing Castello’s “content gap”.

With a strong firm like s360 behind me, I have reached the next level and truly reap the benefits of a cost-effective and long-term SEO strategy.”

- Anders H. Kristensen, Global Search Manager, Arla Foods

The Results

Award-winning campaign that exceeded by 250%

Google quickly started categorising Castello Cheese as one of the best sources of information regarding cheese, which placed “A world of cheese” at 85% of the top 50 organic positions in Google. This made Arla Foods go from 0 to over 15,000 organic monthly visits in just 6 months, so the campaign was exceeded by 250%. 

The cooperation between Arla Foods and s360 has won several awards, including “Best SEO Campaign” at European Search Awards and prizes at both The Drum Search Awards, UK Search Awards, and SEMrush Nordic Search Awards.

The Client

Arla Foods

Arla Foods is a Danish multinational cooperation with worldwide production, which makes the group the biggest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia.




Mathias Hillerup Larsen, CTO & Partner

[email protected]


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