s360 & Allakando: Strong SEO results for Allakando 

s360 caused the number of organic visitors to increase steadily on Allakando’s website using a detailed overview of their content and keyword landscape.

The Challenge

Creating a lasting SEO strategy

Allakando approached s360 in early 2020, as they needed help optimising their SEO results.

Before s360 gave a helping hand, Allakando based their search engine optimisation on gut feelings and fragmented data sources.





The Solution

Using state-of-the-art tools and expertise to boost SEO

s360 collected and activated data from more than seven different state-of-the-art SEO tools that created a unique content overview which improved Allakando’s sites significantly.

The collaboration has since been continued and expanded, with s360 continuously introducing the team at Allakando in follow-up and action points so that they can now execute SEO more efficiently.

"Working with s360 has been an eye-opener in terms of how detailed our decisions within SEO can become. It has been a great process of not only building audits and data that is soon forgotten but building a useful and tangible worksheet that we use on a daily basis in our SEO work. Big kudos to Nikolaj and the team behind s360."

- Fredrik Fridlund, CEO, Allakando

The Results

Award-winning SEO strategy that increased organic visitors

Allakando has experienced great value from the collaboration – among other things, they have received an increase in their organic visitors to their website.

In addition, the partnership has been recognised internationally and has won the award for “best use of data” at the European Search Awards.

The Client


Allakando is the largest and fastest-growing tutoring company in Sweden.

Allakando owns three domains where they help students access study helpers, qualified homework assistance, and tuition.




Mathias Hillerup Larsen, CTO & Partner

[email protected]


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