s360 & Yousician: Improved content strategy beats the competition

A new content strategy based on SEO data supports Yousician as the leading platform to learn and play music.

The Challenge

Gaining competitive edge with a data-driven approach to SEO and Content

Yousician needed help to rethink its content strategy to stand out from the competitive market. While facing challenges in developing an improved SEO and content strategy, Yousician also had limited resources to produce high-quality content.




Music education

Lift in organic visibility
Annual clicks through content
New organic website visitors

The Solution

New content and optimizing existing content to improve conversions on site

Yousician partnered with s360, who executed a content strategy based on keyword research and SEO data. s360 conducted two extensive keyword analyses; the first to gather key findings to build new pages, and the second analysis on existing pages to optimize for more visibility.

The idea behind the SEO and content strategy was to make it easier to convert through new content and optimize the existing content for scaling conversions afterward.

“Working with s360 has been a remarkable experience. The team is knowledgeable and committed to reaching our business goals. We started seeing improvements in traffic a few months after we began our project. Most of the efforts have been put into producing high-quality content. We are able to craft a better content strategy with the help of the keyword research and data given by s360. We are pleased with all the work and expertise provided.”

– Victoria Chan, Lead Growth Marketing Manager, Yousician

The Results

Data-driven SEO and Content strategy elevates online visibility

Overall the SEO and content strategy exceeded its objective by generating 2 million annual clicks through content. The strategy attracts annually 2.000.000 new organic visitors to Yousician while lifting organic visibility by 350%.

Industry recognition

European Search Awards 2022:

  • Best Use of Search – B2C (SEO): s360 & Yousician (Silver)
  • Most Innovative Campaign (SEO): s360 & Yousician (Shortlist)
  • Best SEO Campaign: s360 & Yousician (Shortlist)
  • Best use of Content Marketing: s360 & Yousician (Shortlist)

European Content Awards 2022:

  • Entertainment Content Campaign of the Year (Winner)
  • B2C Content Campaign of the Year (Shortlist)
  • Content Strategy of the Year (Shortlist)
  • Collaborative Content Campaign of the Year (Shortlist)

The Drum Search Awards 2022:

  • Music and Entertainment (Winner)

The Client


Yousician is the world’s leading platform to learn and play music. Yousician makes learning music more accessible for everyone by offering two groundbreaking products, Yousician and GuitarTuna. Yousician is the leader in its field with 20 million monthly active users and counting.




Hermanni Nurila, Managing Director, s360 Finland

[email protected]


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