s360 & Winther Studio: Winther Studio sparkles with a 432% ROAS boost due to a successfull cross-platform paid social strategy

Winther Studio has successfully partnered with s360 to tackle its previous Paid Social setup challenges, especially with unorganised campaigns hindering high-performance rates.

The Challenge

Unlocking Paid Social performance potential by utilising campaigns across TikTok and Meta.

Winther Studio has successfully partnered with s360 to tackle its previous Paid Social setup challenges, especially with unorganised campaigns hindering high-performance rates. 

After analysing Winther Studio's Black November 2022 results on Meta, it not only handled the Black November ideally, but the client’s overall management of peak seasons has been highly successful, creating significant results with an increase of 415% in purchases. Therefore, it was considered a noteworthy opportunity for growth to integrate strategies across multiple platforms. 

As Winther Studio’s first priority was a partnership with a full overview of all its activities and media spend, the client was up for the challenge of expanding its campaigns across both Meta and TikTok using organic videos to improve results. 

s360 suggested incorporating TikTok as an additional channel to increase reach and awareness among younger consumers, who are particularly active on this platform. 


Winther Studio



Increase in ROAS
Decrease in CPA
Increase in conversion rate directly from Meta and TikTok
Increase in CTR

The Solution

Winther Studio increases its YoY revenue throughout the entirety of 2023

The client wanted an organised Paid Social setup, so the focus was to create an integrated strategy across Meta and TikTok. s360's effort was to optimise the strategy by incorporating best practice initiatives. s360 implemented a solution by creating campaigns that targets more precisely and, therefore, avoiding wasting advertising budget. Implementing best practices enabled s360 to more effectively achieve Winther Studio’s goal of attaining an ambitiously high ROAS. 

s360 increased the total revenue by introducing TikTok as an additional advertising channel, where we implemented a Paid Social setup that kept up with the current best practice strategy. These tools not only elevated the performance of Winther Studio's organic content but also fostered substantial growth in both campaign results and organic brand presence. 

The Smart Performance Campaigns allowed the client’s campaign to perform better with a better budget allocation, which contributed to a 700% increase in the budget. 

Central was the implementation of dynamic product ads across Meta, paired with SparkAds on TikTok. This leveraged the brand's offerings, engaging users with personalised content that resonates with their preferences. The synergy between our Paid Social strategies on Meta and Tiktok has fostered a robust brand image that consumers recognise, across the platforms, leading to an organic expansion of the customer base and a measurable increase in revenue.

s360 has helped cultivate the "Winther Studio brand identity" achieving a seamless visual narrative across various platforms. Our strategic approach has been fundamental in strengthening brand awareness, directly influencing a surge in sales figures.

“We have full confidence in our collaboration with s360 in the realm of paid social. Their proactive and efficient approach ensures constant optimal performance for our ads. We appreciate the excellent communication and look forward to continuing our partnership in 2024.”

Agnethe Skjøtt Risgaard, Client Representative for Winther Studio

The Results

432% increase in ROAS on Meta and TikTok

The client's main ambitious objective was achieving a ROAS between 7x-8x throughout the year. 

The important focus of this case study is to demonstrate how Winther Studio consistently increased its YoY revenue throughout 2023. Notably, as a result of the new Paid Social strategy the client achieved an impressive growth of 432% in ROAS. 

Not only did TikTok create notable results with TikTok’s Smart Performance Campaigns, but by incorporating ASC+ campaigns and SparkAds on Meta, we witnessed a significant 35% boost in CTR. Meta heavily utilised a dynamic product catalogue of Winther Studio products, enabling us to target the ideal audience more effectively and efficiently by boosting the same videos across the Meta platforms. 

Combined with the comprehensive strategy the coherent branding narrative not only increased brand awareness. Sales were also directly influenced by the new strategy, and Winther Studio experienced a 388% surge in conversions directly for Meta and TikTok, while CPA decreased by 81%.

The Client

By Stine Winther is rebranding its jewellery universe to Winther Studio

Winther Studio, previously known as By Stine Winther, is a Danish jewellery brand established in 2017. Stine Winther started selling jewellery through her Instagram account. Since then, the brand has grown into a large and nationally recognised jewellery brand that makes its own collections and is present on several online channels.

We, at s360, are thrilled to announce a significant rebranding for one of our clients: By Stine Winther is now evolving into Winther Studio. Stine Winther launched 7 years ago, and the name resonated with the essence of a personal label where Stine’s creative ideas were transformed into jewellery.

 Over the past years, the brand has experienced remarkable growth, and today, customer inspiration likewise plays a role in their journey. The brand is moving forward with a new identity, Winther Studio. The new name reflects wider on design, creativity, and inviting customers to celebrate their personal style.

At s360, we are very excited to support Winther Studio through this transition and we can’t wait for the client to welcome customers to this refreshed and vibrant brand universe. 

Kristoffer Storm
Senior Specialist, Paid Social
[email protected]


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