s360 & Tiimo: How Tiimo gained +45,000 app downloads through TikTok

Tiimo created authentic and relatable content by collaborating with influencers on TikTok. The target audience was introduced to Tiimo’s app and how it can help their daily lives through a visualisation of their daily challenges and needs.

The Challenge

How can Tiimo make use of TikTok?

Tiimo’s primary aim was to elevate the number of app downloads and paying app users. The brand wanted to explore the potential of TikTok in addition to its existing advertising platforms, as a large part of the target group is present on the platform. However, Tiimo’s challenge was how to execute the idea with the best results possible.




Tech company

App downloads directly from TikTok

The Solution

Collaborations with influencers fostered authentic and relatable content

The right type of content is a crucial part of a successful TikTok breakthrough, and it needs to accommodate the target audience’s wants and needs. Tiimo’s app was originally developed for people challenged by neurodivergent disorders, such as ADHD or autism. Therefore, the content for Tiimo’s TikTok advertisement was made in collaboration with influencers, who face the same daily challenges and needs as the target audience. In this way, Tiimo’s content became more authentic and relatable, and the benefits from using the app became visualised. 

However, it was important not to aim all resources at a narrow target audience, if Tiimo wanted to achieve its objectives. s360 defined a secondary target audience consisting of potential customers, who want a more structured everyday life. To meet the new requirements the collaboration with influencers  was expanded to include the secondary target audience.

TikTok Ads Manager, Business Center, and TikTok third party tools have been used throughout the process as well. This made it possible to integrate the app in the system and carry out specific measurements on the different initiatives as well as the number of app downloads directly from TikTok.

“We work with a niche target audience and limited opportunities for targeted advertisement. However, the interest- and search options on TikTok have given Tiimo an opportunity to manage installations and scale up. The team has helped us navigate on the platform and test several target audiences and creative materials. This helped us gain an understanding of how we create the biggest and best possible effect for Tiimo as a brand, while fulfilling our business objectives.”

Clémence Rigal, Head of Growth, Tiimo

The Results

Advertisements at eye level yields +45,000 new app downloads

By collaborating with influencers, Tiimo has achieved more than 45,000 app downloads directly from TikTok within 9 months. To maintain the increase in app downloads, s360 have been highly alert to ad-fatigue. Overexposure has been avoided by adjusting the types of influencers and content during the campaign period as Cost per Install decreased.

The Client


Tiimo is a Danish Tech company that has developed a daily planner app. The app is designed with focus on neuro-diversity, and it is developed to help people with neurodivergent disorders plan their day and keep focus on regular daily tasks. However, the app can also be used by people, who simply want a more structured everyday life. 

Tiimo’s app simplifies structure and time management in everyday life, and the design is based on visuals and intuition.


Meho Boskailo

Specialist, Paid Social

[email protected]


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