s360 & TaxHelper: Driving +500 new clients within 3 months in a new market directly from Spark Ads

How TaxHelper uses influencers with Spark ads to enter the UK market through a targeted TikTok conversion campaign.

The challenge

How to quickly enter the UK market with success in three months?

When TaxHelper saw great results in Denmark with TikTok conversion ads, they realised that TikTok had so much more potential and would be the most important platform in their strategy when entering the UK market.

TaxHelper had a tight deadline with a three-month business plan to show a potential investor the strength of TaxHelper’s services and high-level expertise. They needed help from s360 to set ambitious targets both in numbers of new clients and CPA.





Higher CTR on TikTok
Lower cost per conversion (compared to target)
Lower CPM (in all three months)

The solution

Spark Ads using the TikTok trend “explain myself”

To succeed with the client acquisition goals in the UK market on a tight deadline within only three months, TaxHelper and s360 decided to reuse the Paid Social approach from Denmark. This meant using the majority of the total budget on Spark ads and Influencer collaborations on TikTok and looking into current TikTok trends in the UK market.

We quickly saw one Spark Ad outperformed all the other ads on TikTok. This ad used the trend "explain to myself" where the person in the ad explains something to themself using two different angles as if they were two different persons. The outstanding performance on this particular Spark ad showed that we needed to continue using specific TikTok trends.

That approach accelerated the campaign, and the results speak for themselves.

“We were surprised by how strong the performance was, not just on CPM-level, but on actual purchases of our service. It outperformed other social media by far.

This goes to show that if you are able to utilize the native format of TikTok properly, performance follows. TikTok is now an always-on track for us that we are continuing to scale up.”

- Aske Buemann, CEO, TaxHelper

The results

TikTok was the best media choice for a quick entrance in a brand new market

The results from the TikTok conversion ads beat TaxHelpers CPA targets by 211% within the three months goal but already after the first month, we exceeded the target by 246%.

Comparing performance across platforms shows that even though TikTok had a lower reach within the audience, the number of impressions was very high as each person was exposed more often. This resulted in a 85,6% higher CTR on TikTok. A higher frequency then led to more purchases in this case.

The results completely outperformed all other media channels in the market expansion strategy.

Industry recognition

UK Paid Media Awards 2023:

  • Paid Social Campaign of the Year (shortlisted)
  • Finance Campaign of the Year (shortlisted)
  • Best use of TikTok ads (shortlisted)

The client


TaxHelper makes it easy for people to take back control of their taxes. On average, they save each client +350 EUR on their tax refunds. Their core audience is people between the ages of 20 and 34 years old who need guidance to a better understanding of their taxes as well as making more well-informed decisions when it comes to their savings, investments, bank loans etc.




Mathilde Fryba Christensen, Specialist, Paid Social
[email protected]

Mette Rahbek, Senior Manager, Client Strategy
[email protected]


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