s360 is announced as a finalist at the prestigious Google Ads Premier Partner Awards 2022

Google appoints s360 as a finalist in two categories: Brand Awareness and Online Sales.
August 31, 2022
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s360 is announced as a finalist at the prestigious Google Ads Premier Partner Awards 2022

Google has released this year’s finalists for the Google Ads Premier Partner Awards – a big, international award show that celebrates the best agencies worldwide. s360 is announced as a finalist in two categories: Brand Awareness and Online Sales.

“Becoming a Google Partner shows prospective clients you have what it takes to help them grow online,” explained Davang Shah, Google, Senior Director, Ads Marketing. “For small businesses that have just started out, or even larger firms yet to take their first step online, it’s reassuring to know they’re working with a reputable provider that’s approved by Google. Being recognised as a finalist places these Partners at the pinnacle of delivering excellent results for their clients and as a great place to work.”

s360 is officially an Online Sales finalist

s360 is a full-service performance marketing agency that provides several digital marketing services. As a finalist at the Google Premier Partner Awards, s360 is nominated for its work with its client Lomax in the category Online Sales. s360 helped Lomax significantly increase its profit using automation and s360’s profit bidding solution. With the right focus and solution, the campaign increased Lomax’s profit per order by 22% annually with s360’s profit bidding solution.

Read the full case here.

s360 is officially a Brand Awareness finalist

Furthermore, s360 is nominated in the category Brand Awareness with their client, Kia. s360 helped Kia raise awareness of the Kia brand and influence the brand perception positively, which resulted in more cars sold. More precisely, the brand awareness campaign resulted in Kia selling 4,129 EV6 models in 6 months.

Read the full case here.

Google Premier Partner Awards is a prestigious competition

“It’s a great acknowledgement of s360 to get two nominations at Google Premier Partner Awards. We are listed among a strong, international field with companies from countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, France and Switzerland. At s360, we’re in a position where we’re expanding to new markets and international recognition is important for us, and especially our specialists.” Says Jakob Vedel, CEO of s360.

Being nominated in the Online sales category requires that an agency has created best-in-class e-commerce campaigns that have helped clients to react in real time to changing customer behaviours. For the category Brand Awareness, an agency must have created video campaigns that demonstrate excellence in boosting recognition and recall for a client’s brand.

“I’m proud of our specialists delivering such high quality work that gets acknowledgement from Google and that we, in close collaboration with our clients, dare to challenge the status quo with creative campaigns on a solid digital foundation.” States Jakob Vedel, CEO at s360

About Google Premier Partner Awards

Google Premier Partner Awards are held annually for Premier Partners that have helped their clients succeed with Google Ads. Google celebrates extraordinary achievements within digital marketing across six categories: Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Online Sales, App Growth, International Growth, and Workplace Excellence.

See the list with all GPPA finalists for 2022 here.

The winners will be announced on October 13th at the Google headquarter in Dublin, Ireland.

About s360

s360 is an award-winning performance marketing agency. Driven by technology and data, s360 delivers significant and measurable improvements in their clients’ digital marketing.

The agency was established in Aarhus in 2011 by Jakob Vedel and Mathias Hillerup Larsen. Today, the company has grown with more than 200 digital specialists across offices in Denmark (HQ), Norway, Sweden and Finland.


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