s360 announces two GA4 events in collaboration with Google

In partnership with Google, s360 announces Google Analytics 4 (GA4) events to solidify customers' migration and onboarding.
June 5, 2023
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s360 announces two GA4 events in collaboration with Google

s360, as a leading performance marketing agency and Official Google Sales Partner, will host upcoming events in collaboration with Google, titled "Last Call: GA4 Migration & Google's position on legislation explained." These events will give attendees insights into the latest advancements in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and shed light on Google's stance on critical legislation impacting the digital marketing landscape.

The "Last Call: GA4 Migration & Google's position on legislation explained" events will feature prominent industry speakers and experts from s360 and Google. Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Be introduced to the GA4 Legal Aspect by Google
  • Discover GA4 Migration Opportunities
  • Discuss Migration of Data
  • Attend a Q&A med Google and s360

“"We are thrilled to partner with Google for these events," said Peter Andersen, Head of GMP at s360. "As an Official Google Sales Partner, we take pride in our close collaboration with Google, and we are excited to share our expertise in Google Analytics 4 with businesses. These events will be a great platform for attendees to gain actionable insights and stay ahead in the dynamic digital marketing landscape."

Want to join our Google Analytics 4 events?

You can register for our Copenhagen event here 

Or register for our Oslo event here 

The event series is scheduled for the 16th of June in Copenhagen and the 19th of June in Oslo, with limited seats available. 

About s360 

s360 was founded in Denmark in 2011 and is an award-winning digital consultancy and a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner with more than 260 digital specialists and consultants across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands. Utilising technology and data as driving forces, s360 consistently delivers significant and measurable improvements in clients' digital marketing efforts.


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