s360 & Nokian Tyres: Increasing product awareness with redesigned YouTube creatives

Nokian Tyres saw 5% brand lift and 7x cheaper cost per lifted user through optimised video creatives on YouTube.

The challenge

Running non-optimised creatives for YouTube advertising

Nokian Tyres needed help to increase awareness for their new product, “Nokian Tyres WR G4”, on the NA market. As a start, Nokian Tyres had one high-quality 1-minute long footage (TVC-styled) of the new tyres. The challenge was that the video footage was not edited or optimised for YouTube. 

s360 and Nokian Tyres had run two brand lift studies with similar footage prior to the WR G4 campaign. The first test was with non-edited TVC-like material. The second test was with the same exact materials, but the client made small tweaks like replacing the logo, editing the copy and adding CTAs. The second study showed better results, which helped discover the potential of Nokian Tyres video materials if optimised correctly.


Nokian Tyres


Tire manufacturer

Increase in Brand Lift
Cheaper cost per lifted user
More lifted users

The solution

Redesigning and optimising video creatives for YouTube

s360’s Creative Performance team made a creative audit of the existing material using Google’s ABCD framework. The team edited the Nokian Tyres 1-minute long footage and created a completely new version following YouTube’s best practices. Some of the edits made were:

  • Quicker and more dynamic cuts
  • The video starts with a closeup of the product
  • Significantly bigger text
  • Motion animations added
  • Brand elements added and logo placement changed
  • The main message shown in the beginning instead of the ending
  • Music trimmed to be more dynamic from the start
With the new version s360 and Nokian Tyres ran a third brand lift study with a similar setup to compare it to the previous two studies.

“Our partnership with s360 has led to many discoveries and successes with our digital marketing campaigns. In this example, the s360 Creative team was quick to provide guidance as well as creative execution which led to the success of this YouTube campaign.

s360 was able to transform a preexisting product video into a condensed and optimized version geared for YouTube users. Ultimately this led to a significant lift in brand awareness and a lower cost per lifted user compared to previous campaigns.”

Nick Swiney, Digital Marketing Analyst, Nokian Tyres

The results

5% brand lift with optimised creative

Altogether s360 and Nokian Tyres completed three brand lift studies to compare the results of working with optimised creative to increase product awareness on YouTube. 

The first study saw a lift even though the creatives were not optimised. The second study had better results with just small tweaks such as minor text edits, CTA and logo added by the client. The third study, in which the s360 Creative Performance team completely redesigned the video, delivered significantly better results. Compared to the two prior studies, the third study resulted in:
  • +5% brand lift
  • 7x cheaper cost per lifted user
  • 18.3x more lifted users
The results show that redesigning or optimising video materials is an efficient way of using existing assets to perform better.

Our work

This YouTube optimised video led to 5% brand lift


Hermanni Nurila
Managing Partner, s360 Finland
[email protected]

Segi Julle
Specialist, Creative Performance
[email protected]

The client

Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres develops and manufactures premium tires.

Their purpose is to empower the world to drive smarter. Inspired by their Scandinavian heritage, they craft innovative products for passenger cars, trucks and heavy machinery. In 2021, the company’s net sales were approximately $1.9 billion and it employed some 4,900 people. Nokian Tyres is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

Nokian Tyres plc was founded in 1988 and the company’s roots go back to 1898, when Suomen Gummitehdas Oy, or Finnish Rubber Factory, was established.

Contact Hermanni Nurila, Managing Partner, s360 Finland [email protected]


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