s360 & Nokian Tyres: Higher viewable impressions with lower CPM through strategic DV360 optimisation

In an era where transparency, cost-effectiveness, and performance are paramount, Nokian Tyres faced a problem. With the help of s360, Nokian Tyres redefined their Display & Video 360 strategy, which reduced CPMs, increased viewable impressions, and, most importantly, gave a holistic strategy that enhanced transparency and boosted overall performance.

The Challenge

Tackling transparency issues and boosting performance

Nokian Tyres faced a significant hurdle in their advertising efforts—a lack of transparency. With numerous publisher partners involved in their video and display campaigns, managing and optimising these partnerships became time-consuming. Additionally, obtaining performance metrics from different publishers only after the campaign concluded limited their ability to make timely adjustments. By then, it was often too late to influence performance. On top of this, they sought cost-effective solutions that balanced viewability and CPM rates to enhance brand awareness.


Nokian Tyres


Tyre manufacturer

Decrease in CPM
Increase in viewable impressions

The Solution

A comprehensive strategy overhaul

Recognising the need for a fresh approach, Nokian Tyres enlisted s360's programmatic team to revamp their Display & Video 360 strategy completely. Collaboratively, they dismantled the existing setup and constructed a new, improved strategy to heighten brand awareness while ensuring cost-effective measures.

To expand Nokian Tyres’s reach, s360 negotiated partnerships with influential local publishers to create synergies for impactful content visibility and cost control.

The strategic overhaul for Nokian Tyres emphasised enhancing the viewability of Display formats. This was done by incorporating a target-centric approach that significantly amplified advertisement visibility, ensuring the reach was both efficient and effective.

For video content, a unique approach was employed on YouTube by merging various ad formats to foster user engagement and increase video completion rates. The adopted approach centered on capturing and maintaining viewer attention, thus maximising the impact of each advertisement.

s360 also implemented an optimally calibrated frequency cap to balance reach and audience relevance. This guaranteed Nokian Tyre’s content remained prominent to their target audience without causing overexposure. This delicate balance resulted in a more refined reach and better resource allocation in their advertising efforts.

“DV360 provided us with single point to access multiple publisher's ad inventory across Nordics, streamlining our media purchases and improving the transparency regarding the performance.”
Tony Haanpää, Digital Marketing Specialist, Nordics

The Results

80% CPM Decrease and 82% Viewable Impressions

The impact of the strategy overhaul was profound for Nokian Tyres. They witnessed a staggering 80% decrease in CPM without compromising on volume, targeting, creative sizes, or formats. This was made possible by procuring remnant programmatic display inventory and utilising Google's extensive dataset for audience profile analysis. Moreover, the viewable impressions increased from an average of 50% to an impressive 82% across all display activities.

As part of their Awareness goal, Nokian Tyres achieved excellent results in reach metrics. The advanced frequency capping capabilities offered by DV360 enabled them to maximise unique impressions within their target audience.

The streamlined buying process not only enhanced efficiency but also facilitated real-time optimisation, resulting in the best campaign experience. Furthermore, they reduced costs associated with bidding on valuable programmatic inventory through direct deals with leading Nordic publishers.

With a holistic strategy focused on transparency, cost-effectiveness, and improved performance, Nokian Tyres and s360 achieved outstanding outcomes for their advertising endeavours.

The Client

Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres develops and manufactures premium tires for people who value safety, sustainability and predictability. Their purpose is to empower the world to drive smarter. Inspired by their Scandinavian heritage, they craft innovative products for passenger cars, trucks and heavy machinery that gives peace of mind in all driving conditions. 



Simon Duvenage, Senior Specialist, Programmatic

[email protected]  


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