s360 & NiceHair: Double ROAS with a 74% lower CPM using Snapchat

NiceHair experiences new heights running a Snapchat campaign that drove 195% higher ROAS and X7 seconds longer average view time

The Challenge

Generating awareness and conversions through Snapchat

NiceHair was eager to acquire and retain new customers and saw an opportunity to partner with Snapchat to reach its goal. The key objectives were to drive awareness and generate conversions, targeting its female audience across Black Week – a critical shopping period for the beauty brand.




Beauty retail

Higher ROAS
Lower cost in CPM
seconds longer view-time

The solution

Using Story Ads to drive volume of impressions and track its conversions

s360 added Snapchat to NiceHair’s paid marketing mix with a specific focus on running Story Ads that drive a high volume of impressions within the designated time frame. Using the Pixel allows NiceHair to track its conversions and strengthen its algorithmic targeting, which could then be optimised for purchases.

Story Ads not only positively impacted the brand’s budget but also outperformed other platforms in terms of driving a higher reach. This had a direct impact on customer acquisition.  It also contributed to an increase in website visits, ultimately leading to conversions.

“While costs increased on standard ad platforms, we expanded our digital presence and added Snapchat to our paid marketing mix with our agency s360. The results speak for themselves: lower cost-per-core metrics and higher ROI, making it an exceptional case during a period as competitive as Black Week.”   
- Nichlas Brinch Stage, Head of Performance Marketing, NiceHair

The results

A 195% higher ROAS that outperformed all other social platforms in CPM

The results for NiceHair were impressively positive, with the brand significantly increasing revenue using Snapchat to run paid marketing campaigns.

This specific campaign not only drove a 195% higher ROAS, but also outperformed other social platforms in CPM at a 74% lower cost. Besides, NiceHair saw a cost-effective set-up for website sessions and a x7 longer view-time on the ads than other channels. Snapchat emerged as the least expensive channel across all measured metrics.

This is an official Snapchat case.

The Client


NiceHair is a well-known beauty brand and one of Denmark's largest beauty retailers. In 2013, after achieving success in Denmark, NiceHair opened webshops abroad selling beauty products in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Norway under the name NiceBeauty.




Nikolaj Jensen, Lead, Paid Social

[email protected]  


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