s360 & Jysk Rejsebureau - Earning 850% ROI and 256% more leads with Paid Search

Jysk Rejsebureau maximises capacity in essential business areas with a new scalable Search setup resulting in a record-breaking year.


Tackling a post-COVID travel market

In the wake of  COVID-19, Jysk Rejsebureau (Jysk Travel Agency) has faced challenges in meeting the rising travel demand. After cutting spending and staff capacity during the travel standstill caused by the pandemic, Jysk Rejsebureau realised that their current Paid Search setup made it necessary to turn away many leads due to the lack of capacity and resources.

Jysk Rejsebureau needed a scalable solution to adjust their Paid Search budgets efficiently, enabling them to prioritise the areas with available capacity and allocate resources away from fully-booked travel destinations. Unfortunately, their current setup did not accommodate this need.  Therefore, they were looking for a partner to rebuild a scalable setup allowing flexibility while utilising their resources to the fullest.


Jysk Rejsebureau



Leads generated
Increase in leads (pre-COVID)
Increase in leads (post-COVID)


Building a scalable and adaptable Search Setup to maximise capacity

To provide an effective Paid Search strategy that guaranteed transparency for Jysk Rejsebureau, s360 developed a 4-step plan, including: 

  1. Identifying opportunities in existing business areas
  2. Aligning capacity in essential areas
  3. Developing an adaptable structure  
  4. Implementing the new structure with “best in class” optimisation. 

The goal was to maximise Jysk Rejsebureau’s business opportunities in the identified areas to ensure that we only invested in areas that would give value to the customers. 

To effectively map Jysk Rejsebureau's essential business areas, s360 implemented a tagging system to break down distinct business areas into separate campaigns. By tailoring the CPA targets to each specific campaign, we were able to accommodate Jysk Rejsebureau's available capacity.

Throughout our partnership, s360 has paid close attention to our wishes to achieve transparency in our shared strategy, which has exceeded our objectives. Thanks to our close collaboration, we now have a scalable Paid Search strategy that enables us to achieve the highest number of leads possible in our strongest areas, so we can focus on growing our business.
Nina Marie Villadsen, Head of Marketing, Jysk Rejsebureau


Record-breaking 850% ROI with 256% increase in leads compared to pre-COVID

By setting up a new Google Ads structure allowing budget allocation on prioritised business areas with capacity, Jysk Rejsebureau saw a significant increase in leads within those travel concepts. Implementing the new account made it possible to consolidate new bidding strategies while also implementing individual portfolio bid strategies for Jysk Rejsebureau’s travel concepts.

The new account structure provides Jysk Rejsebureau with the flexibility to adjust bids based on individual travel concepts, prioritising those with available capacity while decreasing investment in low or non-performing areas. This level of granularity was not possible with the previous account structures.

Jysk Rejsebureau overcame the challenges caused by COVID-19 and surpassed all expected objectives with the help of s360. The impressive results demonstrate the scalability of the solution and open doors to new business areas, concepts, and sustainable and profitable growth.

Regardless of which year we are comparing, the new Paid Search Setup outperforms previous years.


Jysk Rejsebureau

Jysk Rejsebureau is a Danish travel agency with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Herning, Kolding, and Odense. 

Each year, they custom-make around 20,000 adventurous travels across the world.


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