s360 & Hyundai: Local campaigns secured remarkable showroom success and a 47.98% increase in shop visits within 30 days

Hyundai made remarkable results in partnership with s360 by incorporating a tailored strategy and utilising local campaigns.

The Challenge

A tailored strategy to secure showroom success and tracking of incremental value

When Hyundai introduced its new car Ioniq 6 in 2023, the brand wanted to secure showroom success and leverage the sales rate by altering its Paid Search setup. Navigating a limited budget, the main challenge was to tailor the most efficient strategy to attract the right customers and captivate their attention to bring them to their local Hyundai dealership. 

Additionally, Hyundai wanted to integrate strategic reporting to ensure that data on all relevant metrics were tracked. The client wanted to use these data to measure the incremental value of the campaign and as a solid foundation for the refinement of future campaigns.




Automobile manufacturer

Increase in Shop Visit
Increase in Test Drive Completions
Increase in Car Sales

The Solution

Utilising Local Campaigns and unique selling points to stand out in a competitive market

To secure showroom success Hyundai needed to convince potential customers to visit their local Hyundai dealership when they showed interest in or engaged with online ads. Therefore, s360 initiated Local Campaigns targeted at three strategically selected Hyundai dealerships, and compelling selling points unique to Hyundai and its Ioniq 6 were highlighted through tailored creatives and captivating ad copies.  Additionally, the client’s bidding strategy was updated to a more innovative and adaptable one. The new strategy was dynamic and it allowed for real-time bid adjustments, optimising the campaign within predetermined target costs.

As the automotive industry is a sector with limited digital adoption, s360 also selected approximately 20% of the Hyundai dealerships to use for incrementality testing to meet Hyundai's wish for measuring the incremental value of the campaign. The dealerships were then further divided into a control group and an experimental group to establish a solid foundation for analysing incrementality. Additionally, the selected dealerships had similar metrics in test drives, shop visits, and sales to ensure a precise analysis.

After the campaign had ended, s360 specialists conducted a thorough review of the business KPIs, among these shop visits, test drives, and car sales. To facilitate a comprehensive evaluation of the direct impact on sales during the campaign, the analysis covered different time periods - both short and longer ones.

Our venture into digital campaigns with s360 has markedly shifted our approach to customer engagement, demonstrating the undeniable value of data-driven strategies. This initiative not only challenged our conventional methods but also significantly enhanced our dealership footfall and sales. The success of this campaign underscores the power of collaboration and innovation, marking a pivotal step forward in our digital marketing journey.

Marta Meszaros , Paid Search Manager, Hyundai

The Results

A remarkable 47.98% increase in shop visits and significant growth of in-dealership actions

When initiating the campaign, showroom success was Hyundai’s number one priority, and results from the targeted dealerships present an increase in shop visits of 47.98% within the first 30 days of the campaign period. This significantly outperforms growth within the base pool, as the control group delivers a modest rise of 3.77%, thereby proving the effectiveness of the local campaign strategy.

Not only did the campaign attract potential customers, it also made customers engage in dealership action. Hyundai experienced a 5.48% rise in test drive completions along with a 10.54% increase in car sales. These results are remarkable when compared to the control group, which presents a negative development with a 5.21% decrease in test drive completions and a 17.19% drop in car sales.

It is important to point out that these results stem from the three targeted dealerships only, establishing a solid foundation for outstanding results if more dealerships are included in future campaigns.  

Industry recognition:
s360 X Hyundai have been shortlisted for European Search Awards 2024
  • Beat Use of Search - Automotive (Large)
  • Best Local Campaign (PPC) (Large)

The Client


Hyundai Danmark was established in the Danish market in 1992. Today they are one of the Danes' favourite car brands. 
Hyundai Denmark stands at the forefront of the automotive sector. The brand is known for their innovative and sustainable vehicle offers, and it prioritises customer satisfaction and quality. With a robust presence in Denmark, it expertly navigates various media channels to connect with consumers, strengthening its position as a leading car manufacturer committed to excellence.  

Jacob Midtgaard
Director & Team Lead. Paid Search
Phone: +45 71 99 10 21
[email protected] 


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