s360 & Harklinikken: Creator ads campaign acquired 3,700+ new clients and an estimated ROI of 577%

s360 and Harklinikken show how to bring social proof into play, setting the right Paid Social strategy for tactical and operational use together with Creators.

The challenge

Make Paid Social a main driver to acquire new customers

Harklinikken needed help to run a social campaign to acquire new customers and reach their ambitious targets. s360 developed a creator campaign using Meta’s best practise creator ad formats. The idea behind using Creators was to use social proof to reach users interested in our products while also tapping into the userbase/following of the Creators. 




Beauty & Hair Growth Products

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The solution

Using best practice Creator ads and formats

Developing the Paid Social Campaign, we collaborated with Creators using three creative strategies and features in the ads. By combining these features, the ads aimed to be as authentic to the Creator's content as possible while clearly stating that it’s advertising, including the Harklinikken logo, brand and products.

The three feature strategy ensures that the target audience sees the Creator, the brand and the products in three ways:

  1. Harklikken as the sender, using the Creator’s creatives and quotes
  2. The Creator as the sender, mentioning Harklinikken, tagged the ad copy and links to Harklinikken’s site
  3. Using Meta Branded Content function to show both the Creator and the brand as the sender
To hit the right target audience, we combined two audience targeting strategies – Broad algorithmic targeting and follower-based look-a-like targeting. The algorithm distributes the budget between the two audience ad sets to ensure the maximum budget for the best-performing audience.

"The technical knowledge, strategy and execution from s360 combined with Harklinikken’s creative strategy and creators led to campaign performance and a level of growth we had not yet seen before. This campaign has laid the foundation for the future of our paid media advertising.“

- Nicholas Emby, Head of Growth at Harklinikken

The results

Creator ads campaign acquired 3,700+ new clients and an estimated ROI of 577%

In short, we acquired 3,701 new customers that, with the average customer lifetime value, results in a 12 month campaign ROI of 577%.

Harklinikken’s first objective was to acquire more than 1,430 new customers from Paid Social while staying within the CPA target. Our Social Paid Campaign more than doubled the number of new customers, resulting in 3,701 new customers without exceeding the CPA target.

Harklinikken's second objective was to make Paid Social a main driver in achieving the quarterly business goal of 5,578 new customers. As a result, Paid Social accounted for 3,701 new customers which was 39% of all new customers in the quarter. In total, Harklinikken realised 9.564 new customers which greatly exceeded the target.

Industry recognition

UK Paid Media Awards 2023:

  • Paid Social Campaign of the Year (shortlisted)
  • Best use of Facebook / Instagram ads (shortlisted)
  • Best use of video (shortlisted)

The client


Harklinikken is a hair clinic founded in Denmark dedicated to helping people achieve their hair’s full potential. Shaped by our Scandinavian heritage and appreciation of natural beauty, our high-quality, non-toxic and efficacious hair products are the results of decades of research to ensure the vitality of both hair and scalp.




Malthe Wisler Johansen, Senior Specialist, Paid Social s360 Phone: +45 26 20 62 88 [email protected]

Anders Pardi Nielsen, Senior Manager, Client Strategy s360 Phone: +45 51 86 65 40 [email protected]


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