s360 & Han Kjøbenhavn: How Han Kjøbenhavn tripled its ROAS by optimising the structure of its top funnel

Han Kjøbenhavn has fulfilled its growth potential by optimising its structure of campaigns, target groups, and content. The perfect match between the target groups´ preferences and the brand’s visual identity has formed the basis of new creatives that capture and captivate the target groups’ attention.

The Challenge

Unresolved growth potential and a desire to elevate brand equity

Han Kjøbenhavn has used advertisements on Meta for a long time, and the brand has made solid frameworks based on experience. However, the client still has a feeling of unresolved growth potential. Therefore, the challenge was to figure out how Han Kjøbenhavn can elevate its brand equity without compromising existing brand values.

The client's approach to advertisements on Meta needed to be optimised if Han Kjøbenhavn wanted to fulfil its growth potential. Furthermore, it was highly important to take the brand’s visual identity and the target groups’ preferences into account in order to succeed, which challenged the opportunities for advertisements and best practice initiatives from the beginning of the partnership.


Han Kjøbenhavn



Increase in ROAS
Decrease in CPA
Increase in sales

The Solution

Distinct brand identity with an optimised top funnel strategy

In order to optimise Han Kjøbenhavn’s Paid Social setup, it was important to define the target groups more clearly. By doing so the client can target its content to the individual target groups and thereby impact the receiver with content that has been customised to their individual position in the purchasing process.

A new campaign structure was implemented as it was a necessity to alter the brand’s top funnel if they wanted to achieve the desired growth potential. Furthermore, new strategies for content and target groups were implemented as well with the purpose of being more precise when approaching the receiver’s needs. An evaluation of previous campaigns served us with an overview of the types of adverts that performed best and thereby which of them had to be maintained in the new campaign structure, and which of them needed to be optimised.

As requested by the client, we did not implement major changes to the visual content, since it had to resonate with Han Kjøbenhavn’s visual identity. Instead we emphasised this identity by designing creatives that expressed simplicity, exclusivity, and a clear sender by including the brand’s logo.

The Results

Han Kjøbenhavn experienced increasing ROAS and increasing sales after implementing an optimised campaign structure

The alteration of the campaign structure has fulfilled the client’s unresolved growth potential. Shortly after the new campaign structure and the new creatives was implemented, Han Kjøbenhavn started seeing satisfactory results. After the first month and a half, ROAS had increased 113% from 7.5 to 10.5, while CPA decreased 71.2%. Additionally, sales increased significantly 674%.

The Client

Han Kjøbenhavn

Han Kjøbenhavn is a Danish clothing brand that was established in 2008 by Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen. The brand is known for its uncompromising creativity and its vision of innovative and spectacular designs.



Alexander Morabbi Wilsch

Director, Paid Social

[email protected]


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