s360 & Goodiebox: Paid Social created records for Goodiebox

s360 beat sales records with a Paid Social strategy and expanded Goodiebox to four new markets, which has made the company the biggest and most acclaimed in Europe.

The Challenge

Securing a reliable growth strategy with Paid Social

Goodiebox reached out to s360 as they wanted a partnership that could handle a new, ambitious growth plan. Moreover, Goodiebox was searching for a data-driven Paid Social strategy that could grow in nine European markets.





New markets

The Solution

A data-driven strategy with 100% optimisation control

s360 used analysis from Goodiebox’s set-up to help prioritise the most important courses of action and split-tests, which revealed that a data-driven strategy had the most incremental lift in performance.  Furthermore, s360 reduced the number of ads and campaigns - which gave 100% optimisation control - and regularly performed tests on ad format, messages and creatives to improve the conversion rate and reduce CAC.

“s360 has been an incredible partner these last 10 months. s360 has helped us upscale our performance in the existing markets while also expanding to four new markets. Their team has been a big help in the daily execution while also helping with strategic planning. s360 has quickly implemented the lasted Paid Social trends, ensuring that our setup continuously tests new “best practice”.

The Paid Social team at s360 has also shown great patience and flexibility in adapting to our changing needs in going from five to nine new markets.”

- Anders Birk, Growth Director, Goodiebox

The Results

Expansion to four new markets and beating sales records

In just 10 months, s360 succeeded in expanding Goodiebox to four new markets and created new sales records in the existing ones. This has made Goodiebox the biggest and most acclaimed company, in their field, in Europe.

The Client


Goodiebox is a subscription-based company that sells boxes with beauty products.

Within the last year, Goodiebox became their field’s biggest and most customer acclaimed company in Europe.



Mathias Hillerup Larsen, CTO & Partner

[email protected]


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