s360 & Faxe Kondi: How Faxe Kondi went from 0 to 95,000 followers on TikTok

The perfect match between TikTok trends and Faxe Kondi’s own values resulted in more than 18,000,000 impressions during the initial lifetime of the Faxe Kondi TikTok account.

The challenge

How to become successful on TikTok without creating distance to the use of other social media platforms

Faxe Kondi has always been highly focused on its presence on social media, and it was evident that the brand also had to be present on TikTok - especially to establish a connection to the younger segment. Despite being present on platform, it was important to Faxe Kondi to gain insights into popular and relevant TikTok trends, as this can be crucial for captivating the younger segment’s attention. 

More specifically, Faxe Kondi wanted its presence on TikTok and its content on the platform to elevate brand awareness among both existing and potential new target audiences. The brand wanted to create content based on original and innovative concepts while also incorporating current trends, but at the same time the content had to resonate with content on other platforms. Furthermore, it was essential to the client that the content was able to create an engaged brand community among Faxe Kondi’s TikTok followers.


Faxe Kondi



New followers

The solution

The balance between brand values and popular TikTok trends

A strategy for TikTok was developed based on Faxe Kondi’s values and objectives, and this foundation made it possible to incorporate current TikTok trends without creating a distance to the brand’s use of other social media platforms.

After analysing the behaviour of the target audience, a list of video concepts and means was developed in close collaboration with the brand. Faxe Kondi’s TikTok strategy was created upon these ideas and concepts, and the objective of the approach was to captivate the target group’s attention and elevate brand awareness among the younger segment.

“Faxe Kondi has always been highly focused on its presence on Social Media platforms, as this is where the target audience is present. That is why we never doubted that we needed to be present on TikTok. s360 has been our partner right from the start and together we have grown the account from 0 followers to 95,000.”

- Kristine Lundsgaard Hammer, Social Media Manager, Royal Unibrew

The results

More than 1,000,000 likes and a continuously increasing reach

Faxe Kondi has gained no less than +18,000,000 impressions on its TikTok since the beginning of the partnership. By producing content that considers both brand values and the target audience’s desire for current and popular TikTok trends, Faxe Kondi has succeeded in actively engaging the target group. The number of likes has exceeded 1,000,000, while the number of comments and shares has reached +127,000 and +29,000, respectively. Faxe Kondi’s TikTok account has gained more than 95,000 followers, and its reach is increasing continuously due to the customised content.

The client

Faxe Kondi

Faxe Kondi is a soft drink characterised by its taste of lemon/lime and dextrose. A local brewery in the Danish town Faxe developed the soft drink in 1971 in collaboration with the Danish soccer-, handball- and basketball player, Knud Lundberg. The soft drink was initially introduced to the Danish people in beer bottles under the name “Koral Kondi”. However, the name was later changed to “Faxe Kondi”, and the beer bottle was replaced by the characteristic green bottle that we know today.



Alexander Morabbi Wilsch

Director, Paid Social

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