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s360 & Camille Brinch Jewellery: Using TikTok to generate 8,865 purchase-ready leads in 18 days

TikTok strategy results in -42.2% reduction in cost per lead (vs target), +30% CTR (vs other channels), 11K+ leads generated across Denmark in 18 days.


With Black Friday around the corner, Camille Brinch Jewellery wanted to maximise its marketing and sales efforts to seize the biggest day of eCommerce.

The brand decided to add TikTok to their Paid Social mix to capture the attention of thousands of people across Denmark by running an attractive discount campaign offering a piece of free limited edition jewellery with all orders made on Black Friday.


In a strong collaboration, s360 and Camille Brinch Jewellery, developed a TikTok campaign strategy creating a series of engaging In-Feed Auction Ads explaining the Black Friday offer. Using native and 100% authentic videos, the TikTok users saw founder Camille Brinch and popular Creators explain Black Friday deal without showing the limited edition jewellery to trigger curiosity, excitement and hype. To trigger an action, Camille Brinch and the Creators reveal a sneak peek of the jewellery, when users engage with the video.

These videos gave the brand a chance to showcase its products and speak directly to the TikTok community.

“The performance from TikTok blew me away right from the start. After getting more than 11,000 leads from TikTok, we’re seeing the average order value and conversion rate from these matching the value seen from more established social media platforms – but we’re only paying half the price on TikTok. We’re also seeing much higher engagement rates on our ads compared to other platforms. TikTok has for sure been our ‘little secret’ at Camille Brinch for a while now.“

– Daniel Brinch, CEO of Camille Brinch Jewellery.


s360 and Camille Brinch Jewellery executed the lead strategy on various channels, but the results from TikTok stood out. The campaign generated close to 34,000 leads, via the website, on their limited list, but the TikTok Conversion Ads contributed over 11,000 of these leads and almost 9,000 purchase-ready permissions. Overall, the ads on TikTok also saw a 30% higher CTR than other channels.

This is an officially published case by TikTok.

Industry recognition

European Paid Media Awards 2022

  • Paid Social Campaign of the Year (shortlist)
  • Retail Campaign of the Year (shortlist)
  • Best Use of TikTok Ads (shortlist)

UK Paid Media Awards 2022

  • Best Social Campaign of the Year (winner)
  • Best Use of TikTok Ads (winner)


Camille Brinch Jewellery is founded by Camille Brinch, who established her Instagram and webshop in 2016, making jewellery sitting in her parents’ basement. Today, she has her own workshop, office and colleagues.


Anders Pardi, Senior Manager, Client Strategy
[email protected] 

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